It is a customizable wholesale Mbps service offered to Intelsat partners that aggregates Intelsat’s prime space segment (Intelsat EpicNG and select wide beams). Intelsat 33e, also known as ISe, is a high throughput geostationary communications satellite operated by Intelsat and designed and manufactured by Boeing on the BSSMP platform. It is the second satellite of the EpicNG service, and will cover Europe, Africa. Built by Boeing and based on the award-winning Intelsat EpicNG design, Horizons 3e will bring high throughput satellite solutions in both.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For Intelsat itself, he said, the first Epic launch is less than a year away, ushering in the promise of renewed growth. We will look at the right frequency for nitelsat application.

A LEO [low Earth orbit] system needs to capture service everywhere you can.

Intelsat Touts Epic’s High Revenue Throughput Potential –

Featured Video High performance satcom for small mobility terminals December 6, They will serve media applications and broad regions for mobility in areas of lower traffic density. The same is true for MultiChoice on Intelsat How will this new satellite platform work?

On July 22,Intelsat announced that Intelsat 33e had arrived to the Guiana Space Center for launch preparations. Have you got the co-passenger on the Inelsat 5? In The News Opinion: One intflsat of these constellations that I wonder about is how they can be commercially successful without maximizing the fill rate of the satellites.


Home News Opinion Video. I am sure they are all epix these questions and there may be things we can do together with these constellations. Its payload is the second high throughput Epic NG deployment. That presents a real opportunity for our industry.

On August 24,at He said it is reasonable to assume that Intelsat will be able to fill its high-throughput capacity Epic satellites, of which Intelsat 29e is the first, to the same 80 percent level that is common to the rest of the Intelsat intepsat of 50 satellites. However, we will work with customers ahead of time in order to minimize the impact.

Select one or more mailing lists: We are less than a year away from launch, and a year and a few months before getting it into service. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But there is pressure in both areas. Business Missions Intelsat Satellite Telecom. This will be a key part of the Intelsat Epic ecosystem that will enable new applications. We provide several very popular video neighborhoods in Latin America, Africa, India and other regions.

Intelsat 33e

Was there a big increase in high-definition penetration from the end of to the end of ? These are more narrowband than that. But it inelsat not dramatic growth in Spengler did not seek to minimize the inteleat difficulties but stressed the renewed dynamism of the satellite telecommunications sector as companies such as SpaceX, Facebook and Google investigate ways to provide Internet connectivity worldwide. So Intelsat will see no dip in demand for its traditional satellites even as it and others add Epic-type high-throughput capacity?


Intelsat’s EPIC Wager

Backward compatibility; use of existing network infrastructure and customer-preferred network topology Forward compatible as ground technology advances High throughput, high efficiency, high availability enables smaller terminals, supporting growing applications such as maritime and aeronautical mobility services, and benefitting increasingly data-centric services like cellular backhaul Frequency band cross-strapping Q Will we see a material effect of UHD in at Intelsat?

On the manufacturing side we are on schedule. We know it will level out at some point, hopefully soon. To start, the platform will be comprised of two Intelsat Epic NG -class satellites with expected in-service dates in and Our Customer Solutions team will work with customers closely to develop the optimal solution for their requirements.

How about the IS satellite?

We still see the impact of budget cuts and sequestration, and the impact of troop withdrawal. Does Intelsat have any experience with this type of satellite design? Look at the growth in demand for Internet connectivity, for connecting the unserved parts of the world, for greater broadband services to enterprises, the growth of mobility, and the growth — over the long term — in government services and the Internet of things.

Subscribe to our Newsletter and Blog Email Address: But for the moment Intelsat cannot point to an offsetting source of a revenue upswing before mid, when its first Epic high-throughput satellite will be launched.

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