The maxim damnum sine injuria can be better explained by the following mathematical formula as deduced by Prof. S.P. Singh in his book ‘Law. right is interferred with, injuria sine damno sufficient to found an action: but no action can be maintained where there is neither damnum nor injuria”. Legal definition for INJURIA SINE DAMNUM: Latin for injury without damage. It means injury without damages, e.g. opening up a competitive store will cause.

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Union Of India TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Consumer Disputes Redressal 0.

The reason why the law suffers a person While adverting to the merits of the case, the entire It is possible that the law may not apply to you and may have changed from the time a post was made.

Madhya Pradesh High Court 3. Andhra Pradesh High Court.

injuria sine damno – definition and meaning

Under the garb of being a necessary As a necessary corrolary of the aforesaid direction appointing a receiver, respondent Atmaram Sisodia who was allotted and inducted in violation of this Before making any decision or accepting any legal advice, you should have a proper legal consultation with a licensed attorney with whom you have an attorney-client privilege. Pickles, ACthe House of Lords held that even if the harm to the plaintiff has been caused maliciously no action can lie for the same unless the plaintiff dzmno prove that he has suffered injuria.


Existence of sufficient ground is the sine qua non for invoking the power vested in the The complainant has to establish that he has been deprived of or denied of a legal right and he has sustained injury to any legally protected interest.

Securities Appellate Tribunal 0.


Commissioner TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Of course, if there is no Ganesh Chandra Hazarika v. Meaning, Definition and Kinds of possession. Injuria sine damno does not give rise to an actionable claim.

Juridically, barm of this description is called damnum sine injuriathe term injuria being here used in its true sense of an act contrary to law. The content appearing on our website is for general information purposes only.

injuria sine damno

Suppose ‘A’ enter a private compound without permission of the owner just for asking water, here the moment ‘A’ step in, A commit trespass and action can lie against ‘A’ even no actual damage is caused. Karnataka High Court Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission 0.


Chhattisgarh High Court 0. The term injuria being here Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction 0.

Definition of INJURIA SINE DAMNUM • Law Dictionary •

Khimji Vassonji And Another… Plaintiffs ; v. No Case or Topic can be dano. Injury without damage or loss will not bear an action. The burden is on the plaintiff to Allahabad High Court Even if it is assumed that the action of the police was wrong in law, it gave no right to others to commit any offence injuria non excusat injuriam In short, Damnum sine injuria means damage without infringement of any legal right.

From To 6. In the counter filed by the third respondent, it is averred inter alia that the writ Karmasad Medical Association v. A Church is a place of worship.

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