Jan. (Eine elektronische Version dieses Buches ist frei verfügbar). I. Wegener. Theoretische Informatik – eine algorithmenorientierte Einführung. Ingo Wegener has expertise in Engineering and Psychology. dass die genannten Gebiete der theoretischen Informatik ganz konkrete Anwendungen haben. Homepage der Vorlesung Theoretische Informatik 1, WS / Akademischer Verlag, ; Ingo Wegener, Theoretische Informatik, Teubner,

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Surveys on topics of current interest are included as well as new research results. Optimization with randomized search heuristics – the A NFL theorem, realistic scenarios, and difficult functions.

Books by Ingo Wegener (Author of The Complexity of Boolean Functions)

Beate BolligIngo Wegener: Computational Complexity 16 3: The analysis of evolutionary algorithms on sorting ifnormatik shortest paths problems. Modified repeated median filters.

Detecting high-order interactions of single nucleotide polymorphisms info genetic programming. Bounds on the Number of Knight’s Tours. Evolutionary Computation 13 4: The results described within have applications in verification, computer-aided design, model checking, and discrete mathematics.

Discrete Mathematics Tobias StorchIngo Wegener: Branching programs and binary decision diagrams: Simon FischerIngo Wegener: Randomized local search, evolutionary algorithms, and the minimum spanning tree problem.


Intormatik book features surveys on Combinatorics about topics such as intersection theorems, which are not yet covered in textbooks, several contributions by leading experts in data compression, and relations to Natural Sciences are discussed.

Kompendium Theoretische Informatik – eine Ideensammlung: Ingo Wegener: : Books

On the Complexity of Encoding in Analog Circuits. Highlights aus der Informatik: Logic versus Approximation The representation size of important and selected functions is estimated, upper and lower bound techniques informati studied, efficient algorithms for operations on these representations are presented, and the limits of those techniques are considered.

How to analyse evolutionary algorithms. Informatik Spektrum 28 2: Advances in computational intelligence: Precision, Local Search and Unimodal Functions. Thomas JansenIngo Wegener: Informatik Spektrum 25 6: Evolutionary Algorithms and the Maximum Matching Problem.

The one-dimensional Ising model: Computational Complexity 8 4: Statistics and Computing 16 2: Complexity theory – exploring the limits of efficient algorithms. This is the only book to investigate the representation size of Boolean functions and efficient algorithms on these representations.

Wegener, Ingo

The complexity of symmetric functions in bounded-depth circuits by Bettina Brustmann Book 1 edition published in in German theoretlsche held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Detlef SielingIngo Wegener: Optimal ordered binary decision diagrams for read-once formulas.


This book describes representations of Boolean functions that have small size for theoretizche important functions and which allow efficient work with the represented functions. Search problems by Rudolf Ahlswede Book 13 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Introductory remarks and definitions; A sample search model; Search problems with error-free tests; Binary search problems without restrictions on the tests; Alphabetic codes and binary search trees; Sorting problems; Weighting problems and geometric problems; Special search problems with error-free tests; Search problems having tests with chance errors; Stochastic approximation; Search problem having answers with chance errors and channels with feedback; Identification and ranking problems; Search problems with inspections; Minimizing expected search costs; Maximizing the probability of sucess with limited resources; More general models for search problems with inspection.

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