Summary: NEWSOUL Ana is new. For thousands of years in Range, a million souls have been reincarnated over and over, keeping their. Editorial Reviews. Review. INCARNATE has an eerie and intriguing premise and I am looking Incarnate by Jodi Meadows centers on Ana, a NewSoul or NoSoul , depending on who you ask, a girl who is a brand new soul in a population of. Incarnate by Jodi Meadows centers on Ana, a NewSoul or NoSoul, depending on who you ask, a girl who is a brand new soul in a population of reincarnated.

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Except for this one girl, let’s call her Bessie I forget her namewho is a new soul – she was born in place of a to-be-reincarnated soul. This is a definite pick up and must read!

Including species such as: Posted on Newsou 16, There is so much buildup to some of the storyline jokes, that the punch line has to be pretty damn brilliant to make up for all the time spent by the receiver of said joke. View all 3 comments. But since my life and car are very precious to me – I didn’t. When he stands up for her, their relationship blooms.

Shunned by society she is banished to live a sheltered life with her minder — a hone maker named Sarit. The writing was lyrical, each word was chosen very carefully and beautifully by the author.


The writing in itself was fairly decent.

And perhaps I missed the answer but it wasn’t clear if I did: In my opinion, the story neesoul less and less interesting as story progresses since the main plot or goal became blurry along the way. The writing style is very neat example of well organized literature.

The main character, Ana, is actually really weird and at first, I don’t like her at all, but with Meadows’ writing, she grew on me.

Incarnate (Newsoul #1) – Jodi Meadows | Fantasy Findings

Though there was a few problems with this book, overall it pulls you in and leaves you to awaiting the sequel in order to discover the answers the reader, and Ana, need to find. FAQs Advertise Become a member.

I really enjoyed the development of Sam and Ana’s relationship. Why nicarnate she the only newsoul? Old souls same faults. I wasn’t moved by much of it. View all 4 comments. But something has happened to make Ana replace another soul. Do you know the difference?

INCARNATE | Jodi Meadows

I wished he’d touch my heart. There are explanations actually, but the world was still vague, really vague, that I ended up disappointed. Should you believe in something you can’t see?

I was immersed from the very first page, intrigued with a incarmate I’d only glimpsed on the very surface, and immediately sympathetic to Ana. His moments with Ana are just so perfect I want to be in them.

Ana is a main character whose strength and determination despite being a victim of emotional abuse is something to be admired. I started skipping pages after this. From birth she has bee It’s rare for me to become sucked into a book immediately. View all 21 comments. She tries to get you killed, but the fact that she continuously mentions stuff about how pitying her life was, was just getting annoying. Instead, Ana is born and is the first Newsoul.


I’m still deciding newsohl whether or not I’ll give the next two books a try, but it seems unlikely that I’ll buy it.

I think I’d be incarnqte off loaning it from someone or from the library. I am glad I delayed this review: The Vampire and Angel Wars Book 1. I also liked that Sam wasn’t a jerk. How does that change the way you see people?

Newsoul Series

Give me a break. Although few and far between, there were some unobtrusive religious, or possibly even anti-religious, undertones. I understand why the author might have wanted to avoid making the relationship sudden, therefore took the slow-burning route. Her mom hates her. Now, about the story.

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