The Sufis [Idries Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When it first appeared in , The Sufis was welcomed as the decisive work on . Fifty years ago this autumn, Idries Shah published The Sufis, with an introduction by Robert Graves. The Washington Post declared it “a. This work offers coverage of the spiritual and psychological tradition of Sufism. It shows that Sufism is not the preserve of ecstatic religionists, but has a.

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But they have this great body of psychological information and refuse to use it. At first they would not trust him.

The Sufi Tradition

In Afghanistan, the Kabul Times said that Caravan of Dreams was “highly recommended” and “of especial interest to Afghans” because it is “basically an anthology of short stories, tales and proverbs, jokes and extracts, from the written and oral literature which forms a part of many an evening’s talk and interchange — even in these modern times — in Afghanistan.

As well as providing information, which has its place in preparatory studies, Shah’s many books are primarily works designed to provoke and bring about change in the reader, initially perhaps at the level of opinion and belief, intellect and emotion not least through the use of specialist teaching stories.

Islam as a form has become the primary vehicle of origination for the Sufi since the revelation to the Prophet Mohammad s. The Institute for Cultural Research. Most of the people who get interested in magic seem to be enthusiasts. For example, some of the finest people in this country spend a great deal of their time jumping up and down waving banners that condemn the various dirty beasts of the world.

The astonishing impact of Sufism on the development of Western civilizatio. Only then did he realise that the beard he held in his hand was his own. Retrieved 12 September A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions.

Everyone would cluster round to see them and praise them. They don’t read the books in their fields, don’t know the workings of them, use inadequate approaches to a subject, ask ridiculous questions that a moment’s thought would have enabled them to answer.


I know her best: There are a lot of reasons. And he was slain by the infuriated Mongol. By experience we know that by giving a certain kind of shock to a person, we can-for a short period-increase his perception.

He emphasizes this point repeatedly throughout the book. Studies for Sufism helped lead people towards Sufism and included the promotion of knowledge which might be lacking in the culture and needed to be restored and idriez, such as an understanding of social conditioning and brainwashingthe difference between the rational and intuitive modes of thought, and other activities so that people’s minds could become more free and wide-ranging.

The Sufis – Idries Shah – Google Books

The problems that a leader would be able to resolve have not been identified. They were travelling companions making for some distance place but at this moment they were arguing over the spending of a single pieces of money which was all that they had among them. Ehah Indian philosopher and mystic Rajneeshlater known as Osho, commenting on Shah’s work, described The Sufis as “just a diamond.

I originally read it several years ago, and this book is timeless. Our Master Ialaluddin Rumi. I can only say that insofar as there is any advantage in these two hemispheres acting alternately or complementing one another, then Sufi material undoubtedly is among the very little available material that can help this process along.

Being disinterested, you can approach ESP more coolly and calmly. Islamic Culture — an English Quarterly.

I remember the impact it had on me, in the early seven A new paper back and e book edition is now out. At random, then, we can see this Sufic influence in our poetry; literature; mythology; magic; alchemy; freemasonry; and in the Troubadour movement with the concept of chivalry, romantic love and hence much modern music that sufiss come along in its wake.

After we have burnt off the conditioning, we start getting completely new interpretations and reactions to stories.

Books I Have Loved. It covers some of t I loved this.

Sufism: ‘a natural antidote to fanaticism’

Librium might do the same thing. Before his death inShah’s father asserted that the reason why he and his son had published books on the subject of magic and the occult was “to forestall a probable popular revival or belief among a significant number of people in this nonsense. Arguing for an alternative interpretation of this literature, the religious scholar Andrew Rawlinson proposed that rather than a “transparently self-serving [ First, however, much groundwork and seed-planting has to be accomplished, what the Sufis call “learning how to learn” which, it has to be said, also involves a lot of un-learningbefore the real “self sufsi can begin in earnest.


Nasrudin was throwing handfuls of crumbs around his house. The grapes were shared out among them and each realised that the disharmony had been due to his faulty understanding of the language of the others. They actually feel there is something wrong with what they are doing, and they feel better if they talk to somebody else who is doing it.

The stories’ inner value has been lost in the same way. This is an example of the long-noted phenomenon of similar tales existing in many different cultures, which was a central idea in Shah’s folktale collection World Tales.

A year-old Perfect Master can fill the Astrodome. Each Arabic letter has a numerical equivalent … seek knowledge, even as far as china the shan which is on all Sufi lips has more than a literal or even a figurative sense. The most obvious question of all is for us the most difficult question. New paperback and ebook editions of the work were published that year by the newly-formed ISF Publishing, in association with The Idries Shah Foundationsjfis coincide with that event.

The neighbor returned them, together with one extra one – a very tiny pot. But they feel safety in numbers. Sep 21, Yigal Zur rated it really liked it. I can definitely see how many people would love this book, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Quotes from The Sufis.

I heard this sort of thing even from people who had impeccable spiritual reputations back home in India.

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