Bogie Bolster Suspension: The bolster rests on the bolster coil .. 2 nos. of lateral shock absorber are being provided in ICF Bogie to be utilized. Roll and it’s Prevention. ❑ Effect of roll on human body. ❖ Type of roll: UCR and LCR. ❑ Prevention not available in ICF bogie. ❑ Anti-Roll bar mechanism in LHB . ICF Bogie – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Based on load carrying capacity per axle, the conventional bogie frames are grouped into two types. The reason for replacement of the rubber washers with the hytrel washers was that the rubber washers were not lasting for the full Periodic overhaul cycle of the Railway Coaches which was one obgie.

ICF coaches – Wikipedia

The lower spring beam is a fabricated structure made of steel plates. Integral Coach Factory ICF coaches are conventional passenger coaches used on the majority of main-line trains in India. In one of the grooves, a nitrile rubber sealing ring is placed. Two types of brake heads are used. Some of bgoie proposed modifications have already been tried out on the Indian Railways, however, the trials have not yielded a consistent positive feedback.

Earlier, iff collar and the bearings were heated in an oil bath. The BSS hanger in turn supports the hanger. However in the new design of Axle box guide, the guide cap is welded with the guide assembly and hence the ic of a guide cap has been eliminated.


The oil rushes up. The dashpot arrangement consists of a cylinder lower spring seat and the piston axle box guide.


Change the dashpot design from the cylinder piston arrangement to hydraulic shock absorbers. Since, only part quantity of oil is able to move up in the hollow portion of the axle box guide, the balance displaced oil moves up. Increase the hole diameter from 5mm in the guide cap to more than the existing diameter. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The protective tube has a circular ring over it called the dust shield which prevents the ingress of the dust in the cylinder piston arrangement of the dashpot. The bottom of the axle box guide has a guide icd with perforations so that during the downward movement of the axle guide in the lower spring seat, the oil in the dashpot rushes in the axle box guide.

The problem of bogle of oil from the dashpot is as old as the design itself. It provides the cushioning effect. These levers are connected to the main frame of the bogie with the help of steel brackets.

This helps in damping the vibrations caused during running train operation. These levers are used to connect the brake beam with the piston of the brake cylinder. As the top portion of the lower spring seat is not sealed and only covered with the help iff a protective tube also called the dashpot cover, the rising oil has a tendency to shoot above the top rim of the lower spring seat and spill out.


The downward movement of the Axle box guide puts pressure on the blgie in the lower spring seat. After pressing the collar, a rear cover for the axle box is fitted.

ICF coaches

The brake head in turn receives the brake block. The rubber washer is used directly on the axle box seating area.

However, since there are holes in the guide cap, the oil passes through these holes into the hollow body of the axle box guide. The brake beam is made from steel pipes and welded at the ends. The bolster spring sits on the rubber washer. Air vent screws are fitted on the dashpot for topping of oil so that the minimum oil level is maintained at 40mm.

The washers also had to be replaced in the coaching maintenance depots leading to lifting and lowering of coaches.

A brake head is a fabricated structure made up of steel plates welded together. These two components act as piston rings for the axle box guide. It is attached to the bogie frame on the outside with the help of a steel hanger.

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