Smaller, Compact Size – – Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use – – Many variations to suit your needs – 1. Space-saving The new Mini ROBO. Introduction of the product information for low cost Electric Cylinder『ROBO Cylinder』. Consult IAI’s entire Intro to ROBO Cylinder® Catalog catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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ERC series is a built-in controller that is easy to install, wiring and adjust.

Easy to change speed and acceleration. Features 3 Energy Saving. Catalog excerpts Ball Screw Lubrication: A new electric cylinder that mechanical engineer can operate and adjust. Lower price and higher ability to maintenance. Home Product information Product classification Robo Cylinder.

ROBO Cylinder

Acceleration and deceleration can be set independent of each other, providing excellent control of work. It is also corresponding to customer control by pulse train.

Powerpoint presentation on the features and benefits of the Intelligent Actuator product line. Various line up of high performance, convenience and economic effeiciency to serve customer needs. Robo Net Networked Controllers Manufacturer: New generation of a lower price electric cylinder that provides a convenience function, like high rigidity, acceleration, or speed ia, which based on a know-how of single axis robot at the same time keep the price to the same level of rod less air cylinder.


Available in one of three motor-installation specifications including the coupling type, built-in direct connection type and reversing type.

With up to positioning points, you can produce robocylinded variety of products on the same automation line. Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to page Optimized for fast and easy motor change-outs.

The table type is constructed with a high-rigidity slide mechanism for greater moment loads.

Rod type can install body part such orbocylinder foot, trunnion, clavis and can replace with air cylinder as it is. Features 5 Variation Enrichment. For faster response, enter Air-Oil Systems as your distributor of choice. Used for jig and workpiece positioning, ixi travel, etc Features Usage Mini Slider type Mini Rod type motor can easily perform switching operations for the unit model Dramatically reduce work damage and error.

We also have an IP53 rated dustproof type that can be placed near the actuator for operation Keeps contaminates out of the system, prolonging actuator Easy Programming: The stainless sheet prevents dust from being raised inside the actuator, which helps achieve high cleanliness with a light vacuum.


RSC3 series has improved travelling performance and repeatable positioning accuracy. Transfer and positioning inside a clean room Example: Open the catalog to page 4. Pressing operation using a high thrust like in air cylinder. Souderton, PA sales airoil. What’s New at Air-Oil Systems?

Electric Cylinder – ROBO Cylinder / Product Information / IAI

Capable of pressing operation, pitch feeding, zone output, pause input, changing speed during operation and individual setting for acceleration speed. Controller-integrated Type Use of multiple actuators in one system. The AQ Seal is engineered to provide precise lubrication to critical points and will ensure optimal maintenance-free operation. Intelligent Actuator develops easy-to-use plug-and-play robotic systems and components that are uniquely easy to deploy into an industrial environment.

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