Here’s a resource for all Hunters, but especially those who are new to the Vigil. that may be useful to players and storytellers, both from Hunter: The Vigil and the other Chronicles of Darkness gamelines. SAS – Spearfinger. White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Block by Bloody Block White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Blood Drive White Wolf. Blood Drive ($ PDF) is the newest installment from White Wolf’s Storytelling Adventure System. This Hunter: the Vigil adventure offers an action-oriented.

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To defeat the demon the group needs to burn down the place.

Posted on April 20, by Flames. Spearfinver Slasher using a magical pen writes letters to friends or family of his victim and through the magic convinces them the victim has done something very wrong and they will try to kill him.

And in the morning, she was gone. Shifting, itching and scrabbling for purchase. Vampire Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom Mage: Retrieved from ” https: My voice is not my voice; my steps are not my steps.

A Candle in the Darkness The scales have fallen from your eyes. The question becomes if the scientists are congratulating themselves over champagne or staring dumbfounded with charcoal-blackened faces and lab-coats.

Hunter The Vigil Resources – Onyx Path Forums

While the hunters may at first believe they are simply tracking down a spdarfinger, their investigations soon reveal a pattern to the killings, which implies some guiding intellect behind the travesties.

Posted on March 17, by Flames. Posted on June 22, by spikexan. Joining such a group comes with varying advantages-safety in numbers, a paycheck, access to unique weapons and critical information, and camaraderie.



RPGs, fiction, movies, video games and more are all welcome on the site Endowments are a new category of Merit, and represent “tools of the trade” that hunters use to hunt monsters in the World of Darkness. But hunters are humans, and humans must categorize — they take notes, keep journals, snap pictures and attempt to illustrate the horrors they meet on the hunt. The Collection of Horrors Continues!

If our clues were photographs, we generally had photographs in our paws. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, As of this writing there are thirteen PDFs viigl with this project a couple more if you count the introduction module and Horror Recognition Guide.

Hte Ascension List of books Wraith: With Block by Bloody Blockthey release pre-generated parts of a city. Posted on February 25, by Flames. EventsFeatures Comments 0. A fire is lit: The page PDF adventure includes a full write-up of NPCs, some nice handouts for the players, and some good advice for creating handouts more personal to the PCs and specific to this scenario.

It vigol like a bad dream. Every Conspiracy has their own type of Endowment which can range from various rituals to special equipment to body modifications. Cells occasionally discover one another and band together for strength and mutual support. Madison Games Day May 30th, !

Looking for ideas for your Hunter game? Serial killers devastate communities.

Murder Will Out (Hunter: The Vigil)

Posted on February 19, by Flames. A Chronicle Book for Hunter: Become a Fan on Facebook! Posted on March 25, by Flames. Posted on May 1, by spikexan. Check out all of the Hunter: Some games find a way around this by theorizing alternate endings or sometimes not even offering a true ending though few do the latter.


Compacts can extend their reach to encompass large geographical regions, and even become global in scope through the medium of the internet if the compacts are particularly net savvy.

Hunter: The Vigil

Thursday, 3rd October, A board game is also planned. Madison Games Day is a chance for gamers in and around the Madison, Wisconsin area to meet new people and play new games.

Horror Recognition Guide for Hunter: The NPCs are well described and have easy- to- understand character sheets. There are clues to be found here including the one that leads to the next encounter. Set in and near Salem Village in the early s, the story follows a grieving husband and father who, at first glance, is the victim of a terrible crime.

The linear nature of the plot will be a little harder to fix. Below are going to be spoilers for the Murder Will Out. If that solution is too cumbersome the Storyteller searfinger going to need to come up with something else.

Tuesday, 13th March, Once upon a time, my friend David ran a Delta Green game. There will be indie and mainstream roleplaying games, card games, and spearfinged games.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, ,

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