Default Re: Huawei CDMA E BTS Max Power??? HI I think it can be more than 20W because the RF board support MAX 60W. The 3rd Global CDMA Operation and Development Forum, themed. To illustrate this further, we can note that Huawei BTSCE power With Huawei latest CDMA BTS products, based upon the physical network. indoor type) and BTSAC (for outdoor type) are The complete series of CDMA BTSs, and relevant Thus, for the same traffic in a sector, a Huawei BTS.

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The antistatic floor height refers to the distance between the upper surface of the antistatic floor and the cement floor. Normally, the fan box is installed upon delivery. Administration Building, Huawei Technologies Co. Remove four bolts and one gasket that connect the antistatic floor cdmma the support.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The alarm box is correctly installed according to the design.

CDMA grows greener

O 2 Configuration The O 2 refers to an omni cell with two carriers. Procedure To carry out the power-on check of power module, proceed as follows: Mouse operation Action Description Press and hold the primary mouse button left mouse Select button by default.


Tools The following tools are required: For the specific method, see section 2. Do not bend an optical fiber to a right angle upon distribution.

The engineering supervisor does not submit self-test report on quality of the engineering hardware. Tighten the bolts on the cover.

Otherwise, the equipment will suffer severe damages. Insert the boards according to the names on the relevant nameplates to avoid any mistake. All Rights Reserved No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co.

Figure Installing a cabinet on the floor without sufficient bearing capacity The depth of the hole must range from 52 mm 2 in. Leveling the lower support See section 2.

Huawei BTS Baseband Subsystem

Loosen the screw in the small round hole such as —48V connecting hole on the power input side of the terminal block using a flat-head screwdriver. Thus, you do not need to install these cables on site.

Chapter 4 Installing Cables Thus, you do not need to install these cables on site. Clamp the cables to the bracket. Chapter 1 Installation Preparations introduces how to arrange the personnel arrangement, check the installation environment check, prepare project plan and make kickoff coordination, hawei conduct the unpacking check.

Figure shows RF cable connections, indicated by blue lines. Figure Installing a board 2 Tighten the screws clockwise on the front panel, as shown in Figure The panel is clean without obvious damage.


When handling the cabinet, hold on the solid places such as the upper cable rack or bone frame. Chapter 1 Installation Preparations 1.

Huawei BTS3606 Installation Manual

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Keep the framework intact. GND cables for indoor cabling racks and for outdoor cabling racks.

Don’t show me this message again. Conducting Insulation Test To conduct an insulation test, proceed as follows: Cut the tapes along the seams of the carton huaawei using a knife.


Page 43 5 M6x20 combined screw Figure Installing a cabinet on the antistatic floor Figure shows how to install a BTS cabinet on the floor without sufficient bearing capacity. To locate the support at the side of antistatic floor, proceed as follows: Lead the cables into their corresponding cable-fixing troughs. Determine the installation location for the DDF according to huaaei engineering design for the equipment room.

That is, 1 m 39 in.

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