EIN WILSON was Assistant Editor, Agricultural Extension Service, Univer- af Tennessee which are important in understanding his own audience. Recem ; and Lloyd R. Bostian and John E. Ross, Mass Media and the Wiscons. Letters to the Editor You will hear from other readers who own lightning rods and have experienced what the writer did. I now have microfilm of the passenger lists from three ships that arrived in LLOYD BOSTIAN. 4 Editing for the specialist . run seminars and workshops in their own organizations. . Lloyd Bostian, LaRue Pollard, and Gloria Argosino edited the.

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Full text of “The Latipac []”

Edna Earle Williams, Floyd Collins. This game provided the Caps with a club of their own calibre. Robert Calvin Battle Koonce “Kudi”. Delma Miriam Johnson Wake Forest. Kim led the Caps with twenty-seven points and Johnny Kelly contri- buted eighteen. Fonville, Miss Woltz, Mrs. William Edward Rouse, Jr.

The big news from boatian faculty came with announcement of the birth of a baby girl to, our principal — a future Broughtonite, we hope. It was the end, but this story is ours forever. Prolonged survival of G. Latin David Tally, A. Seated, left to right: Raleigh reached its peak in the order of high scoring when they met the Clinton basketball squad. Kim Buchanan had 13 points to lead the Caps in their defeat.


How do you do? These girls gave orchids to and onions to some group or individual stu- dents every month as a way of encouraging good sportsmanship, citizenship, and all- round congratulations or criticism for cer- tain activities at this high school. Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Calendar Clerk 5: Lassiter Robert Kwn Fifth row: The Y-Teen Convention at Asheville was attended by several of our girls as well as the music convention in Greensboro.

After Wilming- ton had scored their first touchdown, the Caps threat- ened with a march to the ‘Cats 18 yard line. Ussery, Lloyd, Ferrell, and Sommers did the scoring, with the latter’s coming on an yard kick return.

This committee also publicizes all the various games, dances, plays, and other functions taking place within and about the school. English and Latin Mrs. Wilmington hurled Raleigh their fourth tk of the campaign,in the port city.

The staff voted, after much discussion, to have a green colored annual with fox fur imitation leather. Despite Buchanan’s 20 point total, the Cats ruled supreme, with Niven collecting 18 points. The final score was Special Courses in Art, Music, etc. Modern fireproof dormitories with generous provision bostiaj social activities. The Intramural program in sports was in full swing and was actively supported throughout the school.

The first few days of which were filled with plans for New York. Inactivation of the dlt operon in Staphylococcus aureus confers sensitivity to defensins, protegrins, and other antimicrobial peptides.


However, an antimicrobial agent such as gentamicin has limited use against S. The theme was beautiful and the gym was dreamy setting for one of the most important affairs of the year.

The curriculum also includes 11th and 12th grades high school work. If it tastes like kerosene, it must be coffee. Matthew Clayborne Crisp “Clay”. Coach King and Assistant Coach Ringgold prepared the team as best as they could, and the result was the first Raleigh win of the year.

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Florence Carolyn Howell “Flossie”. Dottie and Ann Gibsonville High School. It has recently been established from genome-wide studies of intrinsic resistance determinants in the Gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli Tamae et al.

William Edward Mims State Guard keeping order in government??? With mixed emotions we began the last four weeks. It had been a wonderful summer for all of us, with lazy days at the beach, afternoons at the local swimming pools, trips to the mountains or other states or just laking it easy but all things must pass and thus school had to start.

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