abstract. In Elektra Hofmannsthal created a drama more of its time than he cared to admit, but he concealed this specificity in the ‘eternal’ materials of myth. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. HOFMANNSTHAL’S ELEKTRA. Herman K. Doswald. Huco voN HOFMANNSTIIAL was one of the early writers in the 20th. Century to question the power of.

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Then, taken aback, she recognizes him: Elektra happily ushers him inside the palace. Strauss was a secretive man, eleektra his chirrupy letters to Hofmannsthal make no mention of the trauma he was going through, namely that the text was triggering deep anxieties deriving from his own ambivalent attitude towards his parents.

His response to Reinhardt’s request was to haul Sophocles into the present.

Aegisth AegisthusKlytaemnestra’s paramour. One of slektra worst plays I have ever read. Five servants try to wash the courtyard of the Palace in Mycenae. Fernando rated it really liked it Nov 09, After his return, with the help of her paramour Aegisthusshe murders her husband and now is afraid that her crime will be avenged by her other children, ElektraChrysothemis and their banished brother Orest.

In Hofmannsthal, however, unlike Freud, there are no cures: Anne Oostra rated it really liked it Dec 06, Fastidious, intellectual and precociously erudite, Hofmannsthal’s head was full of both the naturalistic theatre of Ibsen and Strindberg, and the murky psychological probings of symbolist poetry. Before the opera begins, Agamemnon has sacrificed Iphigenia on the ruse that she is to be married, and subsequently goes off to war against Troy. Then Elektra reveals who is to be the actual victim: As a young servant comes out of the house to fetch the master, he trips over Elektra and Chrysothemis.


The New York Times.

Opera: Elektra complex | Music | The Guardian

The opera had hit raw nerves. Elektra is initially ecstatic, but also ashamed of what she has become and how she has sacrificed her own royal state for the cause. Boring, too short and lacking any semblance of characterisation. He wanted a libretto on a different subject, he told Hofmannsthal, who hofmwnnsthal held firm.

Elektra (Work – Richard Strauss/Hugo von Hofmannsthal) | Opera Online – The opera lovers web site

But, she claims, once that happens, she will be able to sleep again. Return to Book Page. Anita Dollmanits rated it really liked it Sep 25, Elektra teases her mother with little pieces of information about the right victim that must be slain, but she changes the conversation to her brother and why he is not allowed back.

Josephslegende Schlagobers Verklungene Feste Daniel rated it liked it Feb 05, The Trainbearer and Confidante enter and whisper to her. Richard Strauss and his world.

Retrieved from ” https: Roseamongflowers rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Hofmannsthal – who had reworked his own “free adaptation” of Sophocles’ Electra to form the libretto – was depicted holding the Greek dramatist down while Strauss battered him to death with a cymbal stick. She warns her sister that their mother plans to lock Elektra in a tower, but she is rebuffed. Thereafter, the gods compelled various members of this tribe to take one life for another, then to be murdered in revenge in their turn.

Other facets of the ancient story are completely excluded, in particular the earlier sacrifice by Agamemnon of his and Klytaemnestra’s daughter Iphigeniawhich was the motivation for Klytaemnestra’s subsequent murder of Agamemnon. Elektra has often been cited as the first play to take Freudian theory on board.


Open Preview See a Problem? Valentina rated it liked it Aug 09, Tragic Opera in One Act. Elektra does, however, anticipate not only psychoanalysis, but other developments in psychiatry.

The man first guesses that she must be a blood relative of Orest and Agamemnon, then, upon asking her name, discovers she is Elektra. Aug 05, beckett74 rated it it was amazing Shelves: Musically, Elektra deploys dissonancechromaticism and extremely fluid tonality in a way which recalls but moves hofmanmsthal the same composer’s Salome ofand thus Elektra represents Strauss’s furthest advances in modernismfrom which he later retreated.

The other characters are Klytaemnestraher mother and one of the murderers of her father Agamemnon ; her sister, Chrysothemis ; her brother, Orestes ; and Klytaemnestra’s lover, Aegisthus. There is no answer. Books by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

Elektra complex

Both play and opera form an examination of the neurotic bifurcation between fantasy and action. Paperback80 pages. In some respects this is erroneous, since the only psychoanalytic work Hofmannsthal knew at the time was Studies on Hysteria, co-written by Freud elektta Joseph Breuer and published in Julia rated it it was amazing May 16, Elektra smiles brightly, knowing that Orest has killed their mother.

Each age reinvents classical mythology in its own image.

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