( A), and ( A, flexible), HIOKI also provides the (5 A) sensor .. A display screen and operation keys identical to those for the appear, allowing full control of . Measurement time control: Manual/Specified time. POWER QUALITY. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. ANALYZER HIOKI. MEMORY HiCORDER. Trigger input terminal. Anomaly. The Hioki PW is a 3P4W power quality analyzer compliant to Class A standards for diagnosing and recording complex power quality problems in the power.

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Calculated as 10 or 12 cycles,40 to 70 Hz 9.

Page 49 Event settings The following items are fixed values and cannot be changed. Limitations In En Mode 2.


Settings For The Measurement System The setting contents are similar to those available in the normal mode but the settings conducted manul will take priority when EN mode is selected.

Seminar Schedule No results were found. Settings In Mode Screen 4.

Preparation for Measurement 2. The limitations are described in below. Bar graph display The ratio of Good results in the display period is displayed as a value and a bar graph.


Others No results were found. Event settings The following items are fixed values and cannot be changed. Hioki Quick Start Manual pages. Technical Notes No results were found.


Download Program for POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196

Short interruption time Settings1 Short int T The time for a short interruption is specified. The PW is a power quality analyzer for monitoring and recording power supply anomalies, allowing their causes to be quickly investigated, and also for assessing power supply problems such as voltage drops, flicker, harmonics, and other electrical issues.

Unbalance Settings2 Unbalance Set unbalance value. Enter suer from picture: Pc Card PC application software.

However, these data cannot be loaded to the unit. Signaling The data displayed in the Signaling screen is one-day data of the specified date, because EN standards require that signal- ing be assessed terms of one-day hiki.

Confirm Cancel You can set the optional nominal voltage within the 50 to range.

The frequency range is from Hz to Hz in 5 Hz steps. Don’t have an account?

Specifications The specifications not indicated in this document are stated in the standard specifications for Model Overview Specifications Downloads Options Applications Gallery Hioki portable power meters and analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy.


When EN mode is selected, the measurement function for EN is added to the normal mode, and some functions in nor- mal mode will be limited. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The time and level cannot be changed. Voltage waveform comparison 7.


En Display Specifications 5. Harmonic voltage-current phase angle: When “Previous” is chosen as the display method, “Before: Common Display Areas 3. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Settings2 Settings for threshold of parameter En Setting Specifications 5.

Events In the normal mode, when an event occurs, an event is counted twice. Changing the display method Overview example Select from pull- down menu Display the data from measurement start to the present or end time Display the data for a designated period Previous recorded prior to the present or end time Display the data for a designated period Specific Confirm Cancel from a specified date Straight Ethernet cable, supplied with straight to cross conversion adapter, 5 m An optional current sensor is necessary to measure current or power parameters.

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