The Hinilawod Epic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hinilawod. These are Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Asking the consent of both Doronoon Hinilawod. he epic has two cycles: Labaw Donggon and Humadapnon . The Hinilawod epic tells the story of the exploits of the three demigod brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of Panay.

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During the wedding feast Humadapnon heared about the beauty of the goddess of greed Burigadang Pada Sinaklang Bulawan from a guest minstrel who sang at the celebration. After seven months of staying in Tarambang Buriraw, Buyong Matanayon remembered that they brought some ginger with them. They fought hinilawor Buyong Makabagting was no match to Humadapnon’s strength and skill.

Abyang Sumagogong he wins with the help of his ancestors. Asu Mangga is riding on a magic boat, until the whole world below is looded with it.

Humadapnon eic his men safely traversed a blood-coloured sea with the help of his spirit friends. Hinilawod is one of the many pieces of oral literature passed from one generation to the next, changed and morphed by the chanter to one degree or another as he told it to his audience.

He is able to win the hand Yawa. To meet Wikipedia’s quality standards and conform to the neutral point of view policy, please help to introduce a more formal style and remove any personally invested tone. Then he took his twang daniwan magic dagger and struck Uyutang under the armpit. There hinilawood a big gathering in the village and when they asked what was going on they were told that the datu was giving his daughter for marriage to whoever could remove the huge boulder that rolled from a mountain hinilawld the center of the village.


He then embarked on a journey to Saragnayan’s land.

Datu Umbaw Pinaumbaw honored his word and gave his daughter’s hand in marriage to Humadapnon. As is revived and they board their biday vessel during which he passes through trials.

HINILAWOD by F. Landa Jocano

The story is all about the history of the Island Panay and Negros. He wants to of the river Mabun-ag.

Views Read Edit View history. All the unmarried gods of the different domains of the universe tried their luck to win her hand to no avail. She also hinilzwod Nagmalitong Yawa whom he wants to wed. Landa Jocano recorded a version of the epic from the inhabitants of Central Panay. Each half turned into a whole live person. After the wedding Humadapnon went to seek the hand of the goddess in marriage. The moment he set foot on the ground Saragnayan asked him, “Who are you and why are you here?

Datu Parubari was left to rule in the east. The brothers were enraged and killed all the guests and the groom.

They continued with their trek and everywhere they went they exacted revenge on all of Saragnayan’s people and relatives. Aboard his biday nga inagta black hniilawodLabaw Donggon sailed across many seas and flew across the region of the clouds and the Land of Stones before he found himself at the shores of the Eastern Sky, the fortress of Saragnayan, the Lord of Hinilwwod.

For the trip he brought along Dumasig, the most powerful wrestler in Madya-as. Labaw Donggon and cousins of Humadapnon offered his bride price. Dumalapdap, River where they demand for the binukot, Magtungub in a battle that lasts for days where Antique. Retrieved from ” https: Humadapnon brought his wife back to Panay.


She delivered a set of triplets and summoned the high priest Bungot-Banwa to perform the rites of the gods of Mount Madya-as the mountain abode of the gods to ensure the good health of the children.

Hinilawod – Wikipedia

He opened the windows of the north side of the room after the ceremony, and in came a cold wind that transformed the infants into strong, mighty and handsome young men. Philippine mythology and folklore. Inthe hinlawod staged their production at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo of the Cultural Center of the Philippines on September 3 and 4. One of the longest known epics in the world is the ethno-epic Hinilawod of the ancient people of Sulod Central Panay, the only recorded epic in the Visayas.

His sons left for different parts of the world after the feast. This trip required him to use his biday nga inagta black boat on which he sailed across the seas for many months, went across the region of the clouds, passed the land of stones until finally he reached the shores of Tulogmatian which was the seaside fortress of Saragnayan.

He prepares Later, when Tumpong Langit discovers hinilaeod, he for a ten-year journey. Labaw Donggon then challenged Saragnayan to a duel saying that whoever wins will have her.

He inquires from the the safety of the young Labaw Donggon, new arrival what his intentions are in coming she gives him a magic suit.

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