Summary: Bella shares a very passionate and public kiss with a handsome, bronze haired stranger. Where can I read this fic? Read, Review. Title: High Heels and Runaway Frisbees Author: enamors. Rated: M Chapter: 1 ( Oneshot) Status: Complete Pairing: E/B Summary. The Arrangement – by manyafandom. Kiss me now, Kiss me Never – by ericastwilight. High way heels and runaway Frisbees – by enamors.

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Dutiful Son by Eclipsedofsoul.

High Heels and Runaway Frisbees

The change in position readjusted our bodies and we fit closer together. I hate being ignorant, but I have no idea what some of these acronyms stand for. As we both fell to the grass, I surprisingly felt no pain. She will give us notice that this will happen as I would like to re-read hogh until she resumes.

To catch my breath I broke away from the kiss and ran my lips against his jaw, breathing in his wonderful scent. Things seem weird with her husband, but he can’t put his finger on what it is. I was definitely not this man’s type.

The Vampire in the Basement. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for the amount of reading i want to do. I love this story but, it hasn’t updated since last fall.


We finally find out he, her husband, is gay. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe I was the one who kissed you.

High Heels and Runaway Frisbees by enamors (@enamors) ~ O/S « TwiFanfictionRecs

I’ve decided not to put it back on any website but my own. The deep voice above us jolted me back to reality. The absurdity of the situation hit me fully and I let out a carefree laugh.

Which fic updates are you not-so-patiently waiting for??? I also appreciate with all the wank that’s been going on in fandom that it makes it emotionally difficult when you become invested in a wip and then, for whatever reason, the author stops updating.

Never would I have imagined a man calling me by such a formal name while his hair was strewn messily around his forehead thanks to the work of my lust induced frenzy. Are you going to introduce me to your girlfriend? Checking author page, can’t find her. I tried valiantly to pull myself together and mask my shock at my own uncharacteristic behavior. No profit is made. I felt as if a bucket of ice cold water just poured over my overheated body.

I tightened my hand in his hair. Thank you sep 13 lungsburst: I grasped it like a lifeline and he pulled me up to my feet. Noticing my abrupt change of demeanor, he unlocked his arms from around me and stood quickly to reach down for my hand. The Fallout by OCDindeed. Nothing Left To lose by SarahJayne. I want everyone to email me, its faster since PM is very slow. Lessons in Forbidden Hibh by xsecretxkeeperx. Cutting across the park might shed ten minutes off my travel time, so I endured the discomfort of having my heels sink into the grass with every step.


Add a Comment And i haven’t even mentioned the couple of hundred fics i frisbeee waiting on completeing so i can read them. If he only knew. Let me know if you need anything else!

At that moment, I felt what could only be described as an all consuming lust that couldn’t be denied. Wobbling on my heels, I frantically readjusted my skirt, as understanding of what just happened hit me.

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