I am not saying that you should not purchase a Hickok like a or at the are compact bench top models that are basically laid out as this A above. Use this procedure to test and calibrate the Hickok Model /A mutual conductance (AKA transconductance) tube testers. Except as noted, all of the. I have a Hickok Model A tube tester that I’m learning to use. Hopefully someone here can answer a question for me. On the micromho meter.

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Top quality Government construction.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I test a lot of early huckok tubes, and they are all on the chart! Upset that and you’ve upset the whole applecart.

I better check that when I get it! And as mentioned above, you can make an adapter if need be. I recently picked up a A as well No 9 or 12 pin compactron.


See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Personally,I’d just leave well enough alone A recommended list of Hickok tube testers. There is supplemental test data for TV-7 available online. Discussion in ‘ Tube Audio ‘ started by tube-a-louDec 7, This is the best hickol the basic early testers.

Calibration and Testing of the Hickok Model 600/600A Tube Testers

TV and TV-7 Military tester. This tester will give you the most repeatable tests. A super value compared with TV and TV Check operation of all switches and check tube sockets, clean and tighten as required.

Avoid like monkey plague. Thank you I downloaded the manual, the unit looks clean but the case looks a bit beat but should clean up. I went 600aa it, I purchased it and when I receive it I’ll post pictures. This manual contains only test data. This may work in oth Hi Tom, Are they easy to calibrate to be able to test some tubes?

Hickok A tube tester | It Audio / Tonegeek

And I gave up checking the calibration years ago,as it has never varied from the very first time I checked it. The A does not have 4,5,7 pin older sockets, but it does have the 9 and 12 pin compactrons. No button cover knobs are included.


You are much better off with this machine than or I bought a large lot of 1 volt radio tubes from a radio amateur’s estate sale and am testing them and passing them along to you hlckok cheap!

A recommended list of Hickok tube testers

How hot do a pair of essentially unloaded rectifiers get? It may need cleaning and lubrication. Western Electric KS version in photo. Has switch hickol gm ranges like A. Log in or Sign up.

AND has several Western Electric tubes types right on the chart! Sam CogleyDec 9,

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