Perfidy has 86 ratings and 12 reviews. Ze’ev said: This is Israel No one can say he truly understands how the State of Israel came to be if they hav. Ben Hecht’s “Perfidy”. With each passing year, the bureaucratically organized murder by the Nazis of six million Jews, because they were Jews, becomes. Perfidy by Ben Hecht. Is made available to you (in full text) by Scroll for . “I pray thee, mark me—that a brother should be so perfidious!”.

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To that point, Ben Hecht gushed numerous times about the brave patriots fighting for a Jewish homeland, but he has nothing to say about the Palestinians whose land is bei A good book for anyone who is interested in seeking out real history and not just the mainstream lies.

Aug 12, Seth J. But the Israeli gove I am changed after reading this book. As one of perfiidy loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner. An Open Letter to a Jewish Singles. Hardcoverpages. With dad manufacturing and traveling and mom selling, their precocious son did things his way.

Stars of David: Ben Hecht

Jan 23, Yair Ben-Zvi rated it it was amazing. But why, I challenged, didn’t Kastner warn the Jews of Hungary of the fate that awaited them? Only a branch shall survive.


They failed to alert the Jews of the Yishuv to the enormity of the genocide taking place in Hitler’s Europe. The author discusses Hannah Senesch, the brave poet and parachutist who was executed in Hungary after a failed rescue attempt. Books by Ben Hecht. Return to Book Page. Kastner had immense “sacred hutzpa,” Lapid told me.

View all 4 comments. A Jewish boy flinging and flying? Can there be any justification for a Jew testifying in support of a Nazi? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world.

Most people go along to get along, care little for others, and try to better their own situations as best they can. This speaks of the perfidy, or wickedness, that the founders of the state of Israel allowed to be perpetrated upon their fellow Jews.

The men had already been taken for forced labor.

Power and Politics: ‘Perfidy’ revisited

This book, therefore, should be read as a polemic. No one can say he truly understands how the State of Israel came to be if they have not read this book. This is a very well written article. Once in a very great while you read perrfidy book that forever changes your perspective.


Stars of David: Ben Hecht

Jan 26, K hech it liked it Shelves: Ignore the typos and read the book. Marnie Winston-Macauley’s pen has lifted a heavyweight from the dust of obscurity. Smith rated it it was amazing. Gutman rated it it was ok Mar 13, He’s also painted as using this small opportunity to rescue his friends and family and a few others at the expense of the vast majority of Hungarian Jews who were deliberately entrapped by Kastner’s misrepresentations of Nazi intent.

Insightful and hecgt provoking.

I consider myself one of the most fortunate people to have ever lived on this hecjt. The book describes the events surrounding the — Kastner trial in Jerusalem. I pray that we may preserve our national unity, for it is all we have. Certainly several serious works have contested Hecht’s interpretation of events, according to the Jerusalem Post article.

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