Have The Relationship You Want has ratings and 12 reviews. I’ve read the free posts, free advise and free videos of this chick, Rori Raye. I almost bought. HAVE THE. RELATIONSHIP. YOU WANT. A Step-By-Step Woman’s Guide To. Transforming Your Love Life Overnight! Rori Raye. Sample. FIVE TOOLS TO HAVE THE RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT 1. THE RORI RAYE MANTRA Trust Your Boundaries .

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I just want to make things right. Our last fight was 2 weeks ago when I accused him of something going on with his mates widow. Cathleen Joy rated it really liked it Sep 04, Overall since I made the move he has become less loving—has not said he loves me, and at one point in time said our relationship would never work because he did not like the way I worked cattle then 2 weeks later made up.

It is who he is. Books by Rori Raye. I would really appreciate some advice from you please. Much love to you.

Have The Relationship You Want

He said we can be friends but then we had sex the other night. Or is this situation too weird? He and I have not dated other people, and mutually agreed to leave dating sites his idea. I use all that time to practice… Related posts: It feels masculine, pushy and controlling to a man as well.


I have focused far too much on him control. Shirley here is just one of such casualties that they suspected.

Related to above, my method lies heavily on inner work, on figuring out why we think, feel and act the way we do and work to change that to the better. Looking at yourself through the lens of the past is tricky: I read your book and started leaning back and he brings the dog over about once a week watch movies but no hugging or anything and out of the blue he ask me to frree on a trip to his family house, this weekend.

No strategy, no gimmick. So exhausted I broke up with him.

Well i came across all sorts of information. I think some of her advice on vulnerability, boundaries, and communication is really useful.

Similar authors to follow

I just wanted to share my thoughts P. We are talking as friends now and did hook up the other night. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Good to know this book. Shirley was one of them.

Have The Relationship You Want by Rori Raye

I do not go over there uninvited although this means I see lots less of my horses. You need my Journey Inward and basically all fhe programs especially these: I get so anxious and insecure… I need help taking my power back.

I have been married 5 times 4 husband was a wonderful man who died in my arms at raje Read this book with with the audio playing in the back.


I don’t get paid to write this review. She let go of everything and he steps up more than ever. Shirley has since read rorri ebook and signed up for my Journey Inward group coaching. This book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus has been around for a long time yet the information is timeless, clear and direct.

This is more of a holistic approach. The Modern Siren Tools Work! Granted— Spring is a super-busy time involving long hours of grueling work. Attachment to outcome makes you very anxious. Rory explains why this causes problems, how you can resolve it to make both happier and the relationship better. This is why my method is so feminine-energy based. What did do… Related posts: Only by being okay with a feminine role you can be in a healthy relationship with a masculine man.

And expectations come from the yearning inside of us for validation faye feeling fullness. At Christmas, he suddenly pulled away—did not want to see me—no gift, and stayed away for a week. I told him then if he wanted to see other people just tell me relatiojship I know to move on….

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