: The Winning Way: Learning from Sports for Managers ( ): Anita Bhogle, Harsha Bhogle: Books. THE WINNING WAY:LEARNINGS FROM SPORT MANAGERS: Learning from Sport for Managers: 1 Paperback – 20 May by Anita Bhogle^Harsha Bhogle. What do sporting champions do, what makes winning teams, who is a good leader, why do only some teams keep winning while others win only for a while and.

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Money mistakes to avoid. The Winning Way is not solely limited within the confinement of wjnning entity termed sport, it also offers several life lessons to be learnt, grasped, and adopted in various other aspects of professional ventures. Even I do follow those sports, still I don’t want to read each and every thing to make a point out of it. Surprisingly mediocre attempt by very insightful Harsha Bhogle.

The whole book is no Harsha Bhogle tries to draw analogies between sports esp Cricket and business, winnin leaders solving problems in their respective sport can be used in a business scenario.

I expected so much from it.

The Winning Way – Wikipedia

They should have taken one of the sports and should have gone all the way. Mar 10, Akash Parakh rated it liked it. A multi-stake partnership to equip adolescents and youth for the job market is taking shape, with Unicef as This book was written from the trainings they conducted in the corporates.

The author changes the way we think of success, at the same time reiterating on the time-tested formula of team-work, leadership and change. The foreword by Mukesh Ambani and a concluding segment in the book by Rahul Dravid are a bonus read that book lovers can look forward to.

The birth of a youth brand This book excerpt outlines how saucy, edgy Fastrack was conceived out of the Titan stable and evolved into a This kind of interaction is a common sight during football or soccer matches, and the sport guide scores no less than ten for it brings to fore the challenges faced by the managers, the remedies for successfully dealing with the intense moments, the player handling mechanisms, the importance of team work, the skills to be honed by a team player and lastly, the challenges which emerge from the role or responsibilities.


Dick Fosbury comes to mind immediately. Further delving into the read, unfold remarkable viewpoints on framing reliable, realistic long and short term goals.

May 01, A. I am a huge fan of Harsha Bhogle and I was really excited when I got my hands on this book. The book provides useful input on various aspects, the managerial role and the sport mechanics share in common; further bridging a well defined connection between the two areas of expertise.

Breathtaking insight on management and leadership skills are up for hadsha in this read for the bookworms. The pace is good and each chapter is witten meticulously and intimidate you to read it in one go.

The Winning Way: Learnings from sport for managers

I loved how have authors simplified the whole content and made it lucid to keep you focus on the agenda that they’re driving through the book. Even though the book belongs to the self-help genre, it can be read while traveling as it’s written in the easiest language possible to make you feel as if you are hearing another great commentary from Harsha Bhogle and not reading something as important as this but still you will find yourself improving with each sentence as it’s written with great research and counselling of people in corporate world and basically in management field.

A short and very good book on various anecdotes from Cricket and occasionally other sports and companies. If that has changed, then the probability of the same formula working must necessarily change too. It’s a fairly interesting read. They assist readers focus attention on identifying the essentials in ideologies that help relate sport to the managerial ways.

The bullets in the end of every chapter assures that you can pick this book anytime whenever you are in trouble and recall all that you read in it. Skilling the youth — using their suggestions A multi-stake partnership to equip harsba and youth for the job market is taking shape, with Unicef as Took me a while to finish it. References and examples of cricketing world are actually too many with only a brief reference to the world of business, politics or other sports.

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What do sporting champions do, what makes winning teams, who is a good leader, why do only some teams keep winning while others win only for a while and then lose… Thhe IIMA alumni, Sports commentator and writer Harsha Bhogle and advertising and communication consultant Anita Bhogle dig into examples from sport to see how they can benefit managers.

review of Harsh Bhogle winning Way 2 – The Hindu BusinessLine

Learnt the whos-who of Indian b-world. Helps if you read it and imagine in Harsha’s voice. Folks with varied sports interest might find it difficult to hold onto this book for long. And you can always come back and read the bullet points given at the end of each chapter just to remind yourself about the aspects explained in the book. Things I did not like: The oeuvre on sport management theory, in an astute sense proposes practical solutions for lessening the burden of winning on successful teams, also recommending several sporting mantras to deal with losses.

Till such time as hope is alive, they believe they can win. Quotes from The Winning Way: The magical aura of the book can be assumed after knowing the names who have scribbled the foreword and the last word for it- Mukesh Ambani and Rahul Dravid respectively.

Healthcare in India is unaffordable for most people. But if you combine your ability with the right attitude and the passion to excel, you too can become the best that you can be.

The magical aura of the book can be assumed after knowing the names who have scribbled the foreword and the last In my shelf from last 2 years, I finally picked the book 4 days ago and since then, I have been able to grasp enough knowledge about how management has to be performed in a corporate environment that I even thought of giving it as a gift to my bosses of every organization here on wards.

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