vAyustutiH athavA khilavAyustutiH || shrI harivAyustutiH || || atha shrI nakhastutiH || pAntvasmAn puruhUtavairi balavanmAta~Nga mAdyadghaTA. The Hari Vayu Stuti comprises 8 sectionss. (1) Two slokas of Nakha Stuti, prefixing the Vayu stuti, (2) Six slokas of Mangala Charana, (3) Ten slokas of Moola. v Now with full stotra audio v Lecture in Kannada by Shri Satyatma Teertha (needs data connection). View stotra text in PDF on your phone or tablet.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Acharya, you, the Husband of Bharatidevi the custodian of the Vedas and the architect of the next cycle of creation Bhavi Brahma.

Vayu Stuti

This article about Hindu religious studiesscripture or ceremony is a stub. Sri Hari and Vayudeva, Manimanta with his cunning and deceit has set about destroying all the Shastras and Vedas which are very dear to the righteous people.

Gayu, armed with magnificent mace over your magnificent shoulders, you tore across the Kaurava armies. February 4, at 4: You are Omnipresent and YOU are responsible for my life, death and my happiness and I turn to you to remove my haei. Hunumantha, we pay obeisance to you.

As was the norm in those days, his birth name Vasudevacharya was changed to Poomapragyna and then Anandatirtha. Sri Anandatirtha defended very successfully in debates and orations at various forums, in an effort to convince, establish and spread the foundations of the Dwaita philosophy, among the religious leaders and people.


Vayudeva, when the righeteous people were wallowing in the endless cycle of lift, death, ignorance and misery. Acharya the dust generated from your foot steps is enough to protect and cleanse me, a mortal.

The enemies of Shree Hari and Vayu Tamasa are pushed into the boiling muddy waters of Hell with large boulders being thrown on them by the loyal servants of Shree Hari and Vayu.

Nakha Stuti describes one of the avatars of Sri. Shremadananda Teertha, your smile is as radiant as a moonlit night of Shard Ritu. The lack of knowledge, O Vayudeva, is making us listless, morose and driving us to deep sluggishness.

Acharya, You came to this world stut a Brahmin in the Madhyageha family at Rajatpeetha. The Vayu Stuti comprises 41 paras.

HVS Links | Lakshavruthi Hari VayuStuthi Mantra Parayana

Bheernasena, once Draupadi desired the beautiful Saugandhi flower, which grew in Gandhamdana mountain. This Sloka calms a person from unnecessary excitement.

Amazing way to read the bible in telugu language. We jari with you, Acharya, to release us from the attachment of the present mundane world and lead us through to the path and destination of Moksha. It is usual practice to chant the Vayu Hagi by starting and ending it with the Narasimha Nakha Stutia short two-para composition by Sri Madhva in praise of Lord Narasimha.

Dvaita Hindu texts Sanskrit texts Hindu theology stubs.

Just as Sri Krishna is pleased with the destruction of his enemies by you, the Pandavas were similarly pleased when the Ashwamedha Yagyna was done. While their bodies are being attacked by vicious eagles, mad dogs and crows, during this painful period, your loyal servants, O Vayudeva, attack these people mercilessly with any weapon.


The Vayu Stuti has been written recognizing this belief. I have uploaded the Harivayusthuthi Tamil version sloka of 2 songs each for easy memorizing.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. While not accepting the poem in its present form as it only extolls his avatars, Sri Madhvacharya sthti two slokas Nakha stuti to the beginning and at the end of the Vayu stuti and called it as Sri HariVayu Stuthi. Acharya, we plead with you, as well as Shree Hari, to release us from the problems and attachment of the present mundane world and lead us through to the path and destination of Moksha.

Sri Hari Vayu Stuthi Introduction and Translation

Views Read Edit View history. We plead with you to impart some knowledge that will help us overcome these feelings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even they realize that the Tatwagnyana that you profess is the same as the Tatwagnyana of Shreemannarayana himself.

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