HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). HM analog oscilloscope. Discontinued. More info in German for HM at ยท Manual for HM here. Timebase The HM timebase incorporates an LPS trigger circuit, a new technique developed by HAMEG. The complete triggering process is carried out by a.

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The signal has an amplitude of 0. It also con- tains a compartment which can be used for accessories and tools. Differences of up to 1 cm are permissible in- put coupling should be set to “AC”. The same applies for the rear of hameeg case on which the rear cover is put on. It is noticed furthermore that shorts occuring on dif- ferent points of the CRT high voltage and unblank- ing circuitry will definitely damage some semicon- ductors and the opto-coupler. Because each LED is correlated with one of both possible directions the beam position is known even if the beam is not visible, or the horizontal deflection is missing, or the vertical positioning control have been adjusted improperly.

Sometimes such effects occur after long periods of operation.

All push buttons should be in the “out” position. In the alternate trigger mode the source is taken alter- natively from channels I and IIthis enables signals which are not frequency related to be triggered. Excessive values might be very often the reason for incomprehensible faults.

As already mentioned simple signals may be trig- gered automatically i. The Sweep Delay facility can be used with the HM41 2 in either single or dual trace operating mode. If pumping does occur it is normally due to a fault in the stabiliza- tion circuit for the high voltage supply.

This is achieved by hame the trim- mer located in the 2: The HZ 47 has four sprung clips which easily locate into slots on the oscil- loscope bezel. Normally the raster, which is necessary hamge the measurement, is not visible without illumination. However, this combination of BNC- 4 mm can be used for many other applications.


Y Overscanning Haemg Two light-emitting diodes, located above the vertical input attenuators, show any overscanning of the usable screen dimensions in the vertical direction.

Especially for the photographic recording of displays the HM has a raster illumination. To hajeg the possibility of cable breakage both BNC plugs are protected by anti -kink mouldings. Trace Alignment If the jameg on the screen is not exactly parallel with the horizontal centre line of the graticule, it may be m’ostly caused by the influence of the earth’s magnetic field. Hsmeg electronic switch operates with bistable con- trolled diode gates.

As with most electron tubes, the cathode-ray tube develops X-rays. As the HM is a fully transistorized oscilloscope the heat generation of the instrument is very low, thus ensuring long term reliable operation.

With an input signal applied and both LED’s on, that means an overdriven vertical deflection in both directions. As with all HAMEG oscilloscopes, the front panel is subdivided into sections according to the various functions. Thus for each operating mode and switch position, a signal with the ap- propriate sine or square waveform, frequency, amplitude, risetime and duty cycle is required. When “DC” cou- pling IS selected haneg is advisable to obtain triggering hamet using the “LEVEL” control in manual operation, as there is a possibility that in the “AT” position trigger- ing may not be achieved on signals without a zero- hxmeg crossing point DC offset; missing DC-balance.

If an attenuator probe XI 0 is used, it should be remembered that a further multiplication by a factor of 10 is required to ascertain the correct voltage value.

Ramp output; 5 V approx. Pay attention to the Overscanning Indication see next paragraph. For cor- rect operation the probe must be terminated by 1 Megohm oscilloscope input resistance with DC coupling. Normally the internal position is used. HZ30 is used, no termination is necessary. Checking the drift is relatively simple. If it is possible to improve this vertical sharp- ness by turning the “Focus” control, then an adjust- ment of the astigmatism control is necessary.

Oscilloscope HM412

Larger deviations indicate that changes have occurred in the amplifier. This earthed wire is only connected to the first protective winding of the power transformer. However, a wide range of ac- cessories which include test cables and probes are available and should be ordered according to the par- ticular application.


Both the trigger and delayed conditions are indicated by LED’s. This tech- nique ensures reliable triggering on low level signals up to 40 MHz. In the absence of an input signal the baseline will only be displayed if this control is in the fully anti-clockwise position marked “AT” Automatic Triggering. Characteristic impedance 50 ohm.

HAMEG hm Oszilloskop Oscilloscope | eBay

As noted before, the stabilized high voltage and the sup- ply voltage for the final stages approx. M6 41 quency, synchronization is generally difficult due to the presence of the higher line frequency pulses con- tained in the signal.

Operating Modes The HM may be operated as either a single or dual trace oscilloscope. In view of this, accurate evalua- tion of such signals with the HM41 2 is only possible up to a maximum repetition rate of 2MHz. The instrument is designed so that even incorrect operation will not cause serious damage. Triggering Checks The internal triggering hammeg is important as it determines the display hhameg from which a signal will be stably displayed.

Warranty Before being shipped each instrument must pass a 10 hour quality control test. Focus the horizontal tops of the square-wave signal at normal intensity, then check the sharpness of the vertical edges.

Oszilloskop HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build

In this mode, the channels are displayed con- secutively alternating mode. Operation of the timebase is then limited to selecting a convenient time setting. If this is so, it 421 be released.

In this case, an appropriate high voltage capacitor ap- prox. It should be noted that this value is reduced at higher frequencies. Fully matched X-Y operation is available, also the channels can be Added or Subtracted.

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