How To Pentest With BackTrack. The leader in IT security magazines. This hard to find magazine showcases step by step methods for today s. il – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Network Security SET – Get The Best Network Security Skills with Hakin9′s . In Hakin9 Starter Kit – Web App Hacking you will find many articles, written as.

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Support The Site I don’t get paid for any of the projects on this site so if you’d like to support my work please use the link below when buying from Amazon and I will receive a small commission on all purchases. All content created by Robin Wood unless otherwise stated.

Before writing this article I was sometimes receiving a couple of mails from one of the Hakin9 team per week however, in the past six months, I’d not received a single one, till yesterday. These distributions give us the possibility and ease of having an operating system ready to do all kinds of hacking and pentesting. As with Hakin9 when they started promising things I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but if I do start hearing of spam from them then expect another follow up article.

Usually the people always choose distributions prepared with all kinds of tools such as Kali or Backbox Linux. Apparently they are completely different and have no connection with each other apart from having the same parent company. I dug out my very long list of email addresses I’d collected for anyone associated with the Hakin9 group and replied to the request cc’ing everyone in. I know I could just set up a mail filter and dump everything from software.

Seeing as they charge readers for the magazine I decided that I didn’t like the idea that they would be profiting from my work and so turned them down. Quite a few bounced or came back with an automated “I’m not working here anymore” but a good chunk were delivered. And a second message later that day says the list is in place, myself and Kevin Johnson the other part of “both of you” have been added to it and all the staff will be told about it in a meeting.


Hakin9 Starter Kit 2010 №01

About 3 years ago I got an email from an assistant editor for Hakin9 magazine asking if I’d be interested in writing an article for them.

Another few weeks went by and I got a request on LinkedIn from yet another assistant editor asking for an article. At this point I mentioned it on Twitter and to my surprise lots of people came back saying they were getting the same hhakin9. I’ve been assured by him that they won’t be sending out spam requests and that articles will only be written by people they already know.

The message came back that they didn’t pay for articles but you got a free copy of the edition you were in and the kudos of being having your work published. Original Article This blog post goes with a lightning talk I gave at BruConhere are my slides.

She offered to put a new page on their sites containing the contact information required, I agreed this was a good idea and the pages were created within minutes. But, back to the mail. I was initially tipped off to Greyhat by Dave as he received an article request through LinkedIn, I was told that was hain9 one off and that they won’t be doing it again.

Hakin9. Starter Kit 2011 №02

Is the company sorry, I think they realised that they lost a lot of credibility with the DICKS article and are trying to rebuild that. I rarely shout or swear in emails but on this one occasion I had a real go at the person who had been unlucky enough to send that piece of spam. This deep ocean requires special mechanism for a human in order to handle it.

And here is the link to some very good research articles about Hakin9 from Halin9. Pair this with the no-contact list they already have in place, which has worked for me for the past six months, and I do feel that they are trying to reform. Many of the people who use Mac OS X and are dedicated to the world of security depend on using virtual machines to do audits. I don’t get paid for any of the projects on this site so if you’d like to support my work please use the link below when buying from Amazon and I will receive a small commission on all purchases.


Hakin9 Starter Kit №01 [PDF] – Все для студента

If you are actually considering writing for any of these magazines, keep an eye on the Attrition Plagiarism site for an upcoming article by Jericho, don’t get tarred with the same brush.

Update After talking to one of the owners of Greyhat Magazine I no longer believe that they are part of the same company. Login Startee with google. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. There are two possible situations here, either the “Do not contact” list was just made up to shut us up or the assistant editors don’t really care about management policy and do whatever they want regardless.


A last couple of things, Dave Hardy noticed that there is a new magazine on the block, Greyhat Magazine. You can see them both here: So, for now, thank you Ewa for putting the policies in place and lets hope they work. Iacobuzio This article aims to demonstrate fundamental Social Engineering principles and to present Social Engieneering Attacks techniques, such as Site Cloner.

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