Most commands should work on all PowerHA (HACMP prior to ) .. Compressing files under Linux or UNIX cheat sheet · Cloning rootvg. There is no specific command to get the PowerHA version. However, the version of the fileset actually reflects the PowerHA. PowerHA (formerly HACMP) and gain a cheat sheet on how to configure and set up a simple two-node cluster. Share: Christian Pruett is a senior UNIX systems.

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How to list the local view of the cluster subsystems. PowerHA is designed to keep resources highly available with minimum downtime by gathering resources in ways that allow multiple IBM System p servers to access them.

Cluster rsh program that take cluster node names as argument. When this strategy is used, invariably differences in the two servers arise, as development causes differences in software, applications, and operating system functions. This defines one network per Ethernet adapter.

Then, perform these steps:.

How to list the shared lvs in the resource group dbRG. How to locate the resource groups and display their status.

How to create a large snapshot of the hacmp configuration. This decision is typically made because companies decide that having a server sit idle more than 90 percent of the time in case of a disaster is a waste of money. If you use SAN disks for storage, the disks for the shared volume groups need to be zoned to all nodes. You might need to increase the maximum number of LPs for the LV first: How to add node5 to the cluster.


Choose one node and the target disk. How to show cluster state and substate depends on clinfo. SNMP-based tool to show cluster state.

HACMP: Cluster Commandline

How to delete the resource group appRG and related resources. A cluster ping program with more arguments. Here, two System p servers share a common set of SAN storage and communicate on two networks. Run the smitty chinet command, and set the boot IP addresses for each network adapter. Christian Pruett Published on June 15, Storage area network VLAN: Virtual local area network WAN: Sbeet, hardware failures aren’t the only reason for making resources move from one server to another.

AIX: HACMP: Cluster Commandline

Hi, very good, you can add this command for check the version. Part 3 Optimizing AIX 7 performance: Use the installp command to install the software, much like any other licensed program package LPP. If there is some syntax error, please consult the manual page for that command. How to sync the cluster resources.

After the node comes up with the resources available, start the cluster on the other node. Repeat step 7except this time, select the Discovered option and the target disk. Then we create the filessystem on top of the just created LV How to find out the name of the local node. When a problem occurs with the availability of some of the physical resources, such as some wires being accidentally unplugged, PowerHA shwet the errors and makes the other server take over.


Hacm; to list the shared lvs in the resource group dbRG. But nowadays the location is configurable.

How to list the local view of the cluster subsystems. How to list the info about the cluster nodes. This defines the boot IP addresses on the respective network adapters. But if you are looking to hit the ground running, the best advice I have is to make a test cluster and try everything you can.

PowerHA manages disk, network, and application resources logically, passing control to individual machines based on availability and preference. How to check logs related to hacmp.

Posted by Prasath at This haacmp an application server for an application that PowerHA will manage. X utility for cluster status. I have seen many environments in a number of different companies over the years in which the decision is made to declare one of the nodes in a cluster a “production” server and the other a “development” server.

Also, double-check to make sure that the default route is properly configured. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. How to change the cluster security to enhanced. How to start cluster daemons options in that order: Or, run the command:. How to list cluster topology information.

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