Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson. Commentary by Terry Winter Owens and Suzanne D. Smith. This book is without doubt one of the most extraordinary books. With Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff intended to “destroy, mercilessly the beliefs and views about everything existing in the world. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Editors’ Note. Gurdjieff wrote Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson from through , and continued in later years to.

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Now, I want to warn that it can be taken as a dangerous thing, because if one is of weak mind and will simply accept beelzegubs any so-called religious text says, you will find yourself doing precisely what Manly Hall despises in “Words to the Wise” so openly. Only the remembrance of these old friendships had constrained him to accept this invitation, since he was no longer young, and so lengthy a journey, and the vicissitudes inseparable from it, were by no means ghrdjieff easy task for one of his years.

Written in a style which prevents passive reading, it is a beepzebubs volume to read through but truly rewarding and worth the effort.

The paragraphs below are what followed after Hassein asked his question to Beelzebub.

Follow the Author

But after this famous speech of his nobody brought him any of these customary offerings but brought or sent him only fruits, flowers, handiwork, and so on. Didn’t I pay my last two cents for them? One of the major concepts is where Gurdjieff applies the word Hasnamuss to certain types of people.

This revised edition, in preparation for many years under the direction of Gurdjieff’s closest pupil, Jeanne de Salzmann, meets this need. Love of consciousness evokes the same in response Love of feeling evokes the opposite Love of body depends only on type and polarity.

Very difficult book to read, but very very interesting point of view on beelzebugs problems of modern society. Each page has a chapter name and corresponding page number [in the brackets at the top of each page]. In the first layer, yes. In any single one of these mechanisms I saw there, there must have been more ideas gurdjiefr ‘wiseacrings’ than in all the laws of World-creation and World-existence.

This many-yeared existence, unsuited to him, together with the perceptions unusual for his nature and the experiences not proper to his essence involved in it, had not failed to leave on his common presence a perceptible mark.


One example which stood out was Beelzebub’s description of the need of every American to go to Europe and how they romanticize over Paris and beelzeubbs European cities. Eventually it becomes clear that the communication between Beelzebub and his grandson becomes a way for the author to communicate with us, and in that way provide us with a bigger perspective.

All and Everything

Upon hearing this, the boy at once ran and sat at the feet of Beelzebub and after thinking a little said:. What characterizes the author is that he inaugurated the rest of the world by developing a method whereby a man could gradually evolve through observing oneself objectively. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Because it has not the corresponding organs for manifestations of this kind.

King Appolis who had been extremely conscientious in respect of the duties he had taken upon himself for the maintenance of the greatness of the community entrusted to him had spared neither his own labor nor wealth, and at the same time he demanded the same from all the beings of his community.

Speaking frankly, I inwardly personally discern the center of my confession not in my lack of knowledge of all the rules and procedures of writers, but in my nonpossession of what I have called the “bon ton literary language,” infallibly required in contemporary life not only from writers but also from every ordinary mortal. Some things may appear very forthright.

A Commentary on “Beelzebub’s Tales”

The first book in Gurdjeiff’s All and Everything series, his goal in the writing of this book was to remove belzebubs the many years of false experiences and hardened opinions of potential readers. What follows is the first sentence of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson:.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Both these languages are like the dish which is called in Moscow “Solianka,” and into which everything goes except you and me, in fact everything you wish, and even the “after dinner Chesma ” of Sheherazade. Poytr Demianovich Ouspensky, who essentially was a mathematician, is one of Gurdjieff’s more prominent disciples who also wrote beelzebubw great deal of qualitative books and essays himself. It has a few flubs, such as chapter heads run into the main text.

His prime interest is in electricity called Okidanokh which participates in the formation of all new arisings. But, for the most part, ‘sacrifices’ were offered up of ‘slaves,’ who then as now were usually what taales called ‘captives,’ that is to say, beings of a conquered community, which according to the law of ebelzebubs is called ‘Solioonensius,’ had at the given period — that is, at the period when their needful tendency to reciprocal destruction was more intensely manifested in their presences — a lesser significance in respect of this chief peculiarity vurdjieff theirs.


I decided to do this without fail so that this initial chapter of mine, predetermined as I have already said to awaken your consciousness, should fully justify its purpose, and reaching not only your, in my opinion, as yet only fictitious “consciousness,” but also your real consciousness, that is to say, what you call your subconscious, might, for the first time, compel you to reflect actively.

Though I feel it is good, because it does cause you to really pay attention, and being that the book is very confusing and takes some real insight and re-reading of passages at times to attempt to follow what is being said, it has the effect of causing you to slowly observe your own feelings and re-actions as you read it.

With a signature there must be no joking, otherwise the same will be done to you as once before in one of the empires of Central Europe, when you were made to pay ten years’ rent for a house you occupied only for three months, merely because you had set your hand to a paper undertaking to renew the contract for the house each year.

In other words, if in the entirety of any man who has arisen and been formed in any locality, from the results of the specific local influences and impressions a certain “form” has been composed, and this form evokes in him by association the sensation of a definite “inner content,” and consequently of a definite picturing or notion for the expression of which he employs one or another word which has eventually become habitual, and as I have said, subjective to him, then the hearer of that word, in whose being, owing to different conditions of his arising and growth, there has been formed concerning the given word a form of a different “inner content,” will always perceive and of course infallibly understand that same word in quite another sense.

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