Sri Gopala Vimsati must have been very dear to Swami Desikan as indicated by his inclusion of the twelfth verse of this stotram in his esoteric. Stream Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan from desktop or your mobile device. Gopala Vimsathi – Learners Series. -vimsathi-learners-series/ Gopala Vimsathi consists of 21 slokas on Krishna.

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They are totally captivated by his friendly smile and the divine music originatinig from His flute. The “eyes” at the top of each of the peelis decorating his hair seem to compete for the attention of his youthful beauty. Who etched this embodiment of beauty wearing the charming peacock feathers in His hair? At that time, his sweet breath carries the fragrance of the Vedas. Victory to that flute which partakes the nectar, Flowing from the lips of VishnuWho has taken the form of a gopa lad, For protecting all the world, And to him who is being taught, The dancing steps along with the, Beats created by the tingling soundCreated by their bangles by the gopis.

There, he depicts Narada descending from heaven singing joyously the above verse during his journey to meet Purushan and initiate him into the mahAmantram of the Lord.

Upanyasams (mp3): Gopala Vimsathi

This great Stotra sings about the greatness of Gopala cow herd and is extremely popular among his devotees. This certainly is no ordinary child! The unaware Gopis completed their water sports and abolutions and got out of the water and discovered that their clothes were removed by the smiling Gopalan sitting on the adjacent Pinnai Kuntha tree. It is said that it was composed in Thiruvahindrapuram by the Acharya overwhelmed by the beauty of the Rajagopala idol in the temple.


To the lotus faces of lovelorn gopis, Who are infatuated by his face, Shining because of the peacock feather, Worn by him in his head.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Their follow-up with taaLam suggests as though they are teaching the abhinayam step known as LaLitham to the flute of the Lord. Let my desires be fulfilled by that, By the killer of Mura, Who with his front four teeth, Which are like the buds of Vimsatji, Bites the aureole of the busts of his mother, And smiling looks at the face of Nanda. Gopalan defeated his mother in her efforts vimssathi save the butter and won the game.

He hopala with a sense of satisfaction that he duped his mother once again and his lips were rosy with that joy.

Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan | Free Listening on SoundCloud

May that Lord who is the Lord of the gopis, Who swept his sweet heart gopi in to a tight embrace, Along with his wet cloths made wet, During the love play inside the water, Who gave a loving glance to the gopi who, Was keeping her eyes partially closed, Who held in his hand a water gun, And who is ogpala savior of his devotees, Save me from the ills of domestic life. Sunday, February 25, Gopala Vimsati. Hence, he decorates himself with the ornaments appropriate to the dwellers of the forests i.

These are usually sung before Thadhiaradhanams Group partaking of food offered to God and on the occasion of marriages and on Krishna Jayanthi day in Thiruvahindrapuram [1]. He has the eternal and youthful beauty that qualifies Him to play with Her. On the banks of the Yamuna river vismathi the Lord, who is seated on the bow of a kunthaa tree with a smile on his face. He has on His lotus lips the conch known as Panchajanyam, whose sound is that of the holy praNavam symbolizing the essence of the Vedas.


He lifted his foot to run.

May the overflowing flood of that beauty and its lustre remain steadily in my mind. This is a blessing that Swami Desikan earned as a result of his meditation on Rajagopalan.

Gopala Vimsathi

It could be Radha also but Radha is rarely mentioned in the work of disciples of Ramanuja. I salute with folded hands, Him who is black in colour, And who plays his pretty flute, In the midst of those gopis, Who are intelligent and experts.

Their glances enter him like arrows and makes him subservient to them. The Gopis of Gokulam are thirsting to enjoy His beauty. He took in his hands the water pump used in those sports.

He not only helped himself to the poisonous milk from her breast, but also sucked her life through the very gopaal act of responding to her cunning invitation to breast-feed him. I salute this illustrious jyoti. He describes the structure of His mantram and affectionately recalls the many mischievous deeds performed by bAla Gopalan in Gokulam and Brindavanam to the utter delight of the humans and the celestial beings.

I see him always and all times, With a chest carrying his Lady, And also see gopalq as prettiness, That can never ever be described, And which is the acme of desire of the gopis.

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