An army of Gnoblars swarming the mountains. The most remarkable feature of a Gnoblar is probably his nose, a massive protuberant lump that can smell an. GNOBLAR KINGDOMSBy Mitchell Worton & Mark Hampson CONTENTS BIT An 8th edition version of the gnoblar army list for Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition . I realize that I cant run the original gnoblar army list and that all my characters would be ogres but I was wondering how I should do this.

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You totally got this. They will never win a 1v1 bnoblar battle but by Gnoblars, they will try. Bruiser -A Hero version of a Tyrant. Ancient Giant Lands- The mountain range to the east of the Ogre Kingdoms is colossal in scale, making even the mighty peaks of the Mountains of Mourn look small by comparison.

Gnoblar – 1d4chan

Centerpiece is a giant Steam Squig. Such bizarre theories have, of course, never been proven, nor has a Toad-Gnoblar even been actually seen or at least correctly identified. A decent machine for removing hordes from the field and being able to fire while moving is incredibly useful. They could shoot at anybody that charged the hunter, and use his leadership as if he were a general. These games are fun and brutal but ultimately will lead to happier Ogres.

Yes, the slaughtermaster can fight, but won’t do nearly as much damage in a single round or 2.

Gnoblar Army – Warhammer 40K Fantasy

Ironguts -Elite Ogres who actually have armour. I still have 10 pts as well. Its major eruptions are always seen by the Ogres as a sign that it is time for war. They have an upgrade that transforms them into Toad-Gnoblars which I have detailed below. The Ancient Giant Lands have the remains of their ancient civilization and would have vast stone buildings scattered as if by a careless god.

In Ogre society, weakness is a death warrant and by offering a sacrifice to the Great Maw, the tribe shows that it is strong. Hope they will do them proud: Giant -Same as other factions Giants. This means that any Toad-Gnoblar unit that is in a water feature can add models to its unit.


Gnoblar Fighters are the basic form of Gnoblar. Has a hand weapon and light armour alongside the special rules of Fear and Ogre Charge.

Shields shaped as iron mushroom caps? An Ironfist therefore counts as a shield.

He fashioned the polearm from the broken blades of a slain Black Orc Warboss, and the magically glowing steel was beaten and amy using the magma of the Fire Mouth itself. Mournfangs are nasty armu that are wanted by Ogres with many making the attempt to tame one and failing. What faction he would lead or where he would start is tricky as no tribe will follow him due to his infamous nature. Two-thirds of the Ogre population was annihilated and the ensuing firestorms reduced the fertile grasslands into a searing desert of howling sandstorms and toxic mists.

Gnoblar Horde: The Unwashed Masses

Skrag’s one magic item is the ‘Cauldron of the Great Maw’ Skrag’s cauldron has become a tool by which the former Slaughermaster makes blessed offerings to his ravenous god and one that gives Skrag and his Gorgers blessings to every number of individuals killed individuals killed by spells or killed gnlblar units do not count.

A ogre unit should have very few models in it, maybe as few as 6 or Ultimtedly, these guys are basically better Gnoblar Trappers. Gorgers are fun but for 90 points I just can’t shave that much.

Over the coming days, this great light got larger and larger until it even eclipsed Morrslieb and Mannsleib. Fine, I will not run Mournfangs but Maneaters seem logical to me. Combat and health on your units will be high for all of them and smashing units should be easy enough.

Difficult to armyy, if it is the four Chaos Gods route they are taking, then the game will likely be around the ‘Great Game’ with each Chaos God trying to outdo each other.

Special Rules Ogre Charge-Ogres can quite quick despite their lumbering mass.

This spell, in game, would put fear on the enemy target and gnoglar them morale damage. Ads by Project Wonderful! I would also give this item campaign qualities in which Greasus gains an increase to diplomatic options with non-Ogre factions. Crown of Command on your Slaughtermaster- this will ensure the unit is always Stubborn, while the character is in the unit. Golgfag is armed with two hand weapons, an Ogre pistol armour piercing and light armour. The problem with the rolling-boulder approach is the best way to use them is have them running in circles until contact if I understand what you meant correctlyand that’s just weird in a lot of ways.


There would be a charge meter and the more charges that you make will increase your level and thereby, increase the charge damage of any later charges. Even their lower slopes are so far above the cloudline that very few know of their true gnobar, and the air is so thin at such jaw-dropping altitude that a normal man could not explore a fraction of their majesty before his lungs collapsed.

Most likely the extra damage would only stack up if the Ogres are running in a straight line, if it gets interrupted at any point, the damage would drop. These guys will utterly destroy a unit that they fire upon and armour-piercing and all other cannon goodness will apply.

Eastern clouds were still be carried by the Great Maw impact and these plus the freezing cold caused the Ogres to again move further west the Ogres that foolishly stayed became feral and turned into Yhetees. Causes Terror and would have a beaten up appearance that a Tyrant has likely given to him. You will be outnumbered in all battles due to how tough and elite each of your troops are. No way he would lead an army so a Legendary Assassin that can be brought for a contract would be effective.

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