Since , we’ve been supplying official line-up details to Clashfinder, a Glastonbury fansite which offers Festival-goers the chance to. We’ve been asked to pass on this message from Public Enemy: Unfortunately Flavor Flav cannot leave the USA due to immigration issues, Chuck D regrets the . Glastonbury , June . You can now download this year’s Clashfinder line-up PDFs James Hassan @cassettequality 25 Jun More .

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Glastonbury clashfinder: the worst clashes on ‘s line-up

Rev 20 Wow stage, Friday Need to print tonight while I’m still in work: Is this going to be updated with all stages? Rev clashfiner You’d then have to refresh the page to have the stages included in the printed output.

I’m more of a Ped Gate A kinda guy. Rev 21 Hey Halvin, are you getting the timings direct from Glastonbury like previous years?


Rev 65 Rev glaxtonbury Rev 23 Great work, as always, Halvin. Rev 54 Rev 29 Guest – Taff Anyway, it’s all food for thought.

I know its on but no DJ’s been released along with the lineup. Itching for an up to date revision!

Glastonbury clashfinder: the worst clashes on 2017’s line-up

It depends which browser you’re using but you need to select ‘Print Backgrounds’ in the page setup. Seem to have disappeared from the line up.

Guest – Dave Rev 10 Guest – Bobolinho Rev 73 Maybe I failed to click the Update button or something. I might figure out how to make it work sometime in the future.

Guest – Adam Guest – Karen I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good idea because it would scupper people with old computers who’ve been having trouble viewing the full clashfinder.

View the Glastonbury clashfinder. They’re all there, aren’t they? I’ve just spent 15 mins or so hlastonbury Guest – Bambi Rev 64


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