Look at gilksy1’s ylod fix on you tube. With a $25 heat gun and a tube of new thermal compound you can fix your ps3 in about an hour. Worked. ok i have done gilksy’s YLOD fix but it failed, if i can get a spare/workin YLOD REPAIR VIDEOS YLOD. This is Aidan’s YLOD repair guide~! *guitar solo* He’d made a PDF, and can be found on youtube right here: YouTube – gilksy1’s Channel.

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Possible YLoD Fix! – Techzone –

There seem to be many sites with sporadic links and sources to good sites so since I’m putting in a lot filksy1 effort finding this information I wanted to log the elements gilkssy1 helped me fix the YLOD and share the information so you can fix yours too.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Initially it looked as though it could be a number of reasons for the YLOD but it’s very odd that the exact same fix seems to be the cure for all YLOD consoles.

I fxi a few posts about owners sending their PS3s back to Sony to repair and warned to make sure you only send the console itself, because that’s all they need.

But with the real service mode, maybe you can marry new BD drives to your board. Doesn’t work for 60 gb PS3’s.

Looks like the XMB direct transfer from one console to another is the best sure fire way to get everything transferred. I’m getting a mate to do it for gilkssy1 since he’s had to do it before. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This explains why the process works but only for a certain duration of time.


Yellow Light of death and stuck disk HELP!!!

Unfortunately there are several items on the HDD that are irreplaceable graduation photos, purchased music, saved games, etc and the data must be retrieved. Jun 29, at This isn’t the fix for me, but if you want to chance it you might get enough time for it to turn on and backup the data before it dies forever. Back in the day we used to use gilsy1 that contained gilsky1, but in current years due to health and safety it’s very uncommon to use solder containing lead.

The common quote is “YLOD is an over heating issue that causes a hardware malfunction.

I also think it’s stupid how customers who buy one, for a higher price, get ripped off years later when people buying the console once it gets good can get a 3 year warranty and models that don’t get YLOD as easily. Source There is also the issue of flux contained in solder. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted March 27, You need buy cvv usa,uk,ca,au,eu pls contac me or logins site me to know more We Updates daily Credent-crd.

Can someone plz rehost the YLOD file plz!! Want to learn more about the team who brings you the Dash Hacks news?

Jun 30, at 7: Then theres a few more screws on another layer, remove the disk drive, remove more screws and your done: Strangely the problem bears striking similarity to the RROD that xbox users have been plagued with time memorial.

Some people have said that the HDD failure can cause it only for that to be dispelled by another poster. Sign In Sign Up.


Does anyone know how to get the disc out? A member of staff at my local giksy1 store had mastered a method of using two paper clips fashioned to go into the drive slot and lift the disc and pull out.

I initially tried take a non-intrusive approach, contacting the console vendor to see if they would take a return and also Sony to see what they could offer. Oct 25, Posts: He’s really done a fantastic job of explaining how to take apart your system and showing exactly which screws and how to lift to protect ribbon cables.

Playstation 3 PS3 YLOD fix FAIL what now ???

This will not work. If you swap the motherboard your BD Drive won’t work. Looks like there is plenty of fox for the fix. If it’s still in warranty send it to Sony and tell them it’s in there if not you’ll have to take it apart.


Hold down the eject button for more than 3 secs. Add Thread to del. How’d you like it if you were in his shoes? I tried to intentionally remove this plate but it’s on really tight and wouldn’t budge so I’ll skip that ‘extra sure’ step. This is what your PS3 looks like after being disassembled: Call Sony Customer Ggilksy1 and ask them about it, they may refer you to a place you could get your disc removed for free, either that or atleast give you some tips on how to remove the fis yourself without damaging it.

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