Fluke a 1GHz Synthesized Signal Generator UNCAL repair – PLL Not sure how that is possible, I am investigating the manual now. Gigatronics a pdf user manual – Download PDF book (ISBN: ) by christophercooper for free. Download or read online. Welcome to Giga-tronics Technical Support section for documents, downloads, repairs (RMA / Calibration) and warranty service information.

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Type N RF output connector on real panel. Product price, specification, warranty and gigatrronics subject to change without notice. At low audio frequencies, maximum FM deviation is modulation-index limited. Buying used equipment doesn’t always have to be a shot in the dark. Thank you for submitting your InstraView Request! Will withstand up to 50 Vdc.

The low profile, standard The A is program- and radar systems. We know there are plenty gogatronics differences when it comes to used equipment and quite often, choosing between different pieces is difficult, especially when the equipment is not sitting right in front of you. Please contact us to complete your request.

Generator is an manial the A offers fast-rise choice for general purpose pulse modulation as a stan- rack size and IEEE inter- RF testing from 10 kHz to dard feature, so you can face make either instrument 1. Mamual following table applies for modulating frequencies of Hz and above.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. One of our friendly Customer Service representatives will be contacting you shortly with information on when the equipment you requested will be available for viewing. Not just a picture from the manufacturer’s website, but the actual piece of equipment you would receive.

6062A – Giga-tronics Signal Generators

All front panel controls except line power switch. Medium stability oven reference. InstraView Request Form To get started: Internal and External modulation sources may be enabled simultaneously, and combined linearly. Mercury Drive Champaign, IL Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc. Please feel free to contact us at sales artisantg.

Use the following formulas to compute maximum allowable deviation. We’ll send you an email letting you know exactly 6016a your piece of equipment will be available for viewing Name: We appreciate your interest in using manuap InstraView website!

Valid Email Required Item to Inspect: All logos and trademarks are properties of their respective companies.


Connector to input external reference see Reference Oscillator. It’s like having the store come to you!

Data is stored 2 years typical with power off. Please contact one of our Customer Support Specialists if you have any mabual about what is included with this equipment or if you require any additional information.

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links. Same as Reference Oscillator. Present only if option is installed. Pulse Modulator Input External: Well, what if you were able to see a piece of equipment before you purchased it? Stock Quick Quote. Rear only RF output and modulation inputs.

Giga-tronics A – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Click a thumbnail to view larger image: High stability oven reference. Can be driven directly by TTL. You can zoom in close to see the labels with the serial number or zoom out to see the overall condition of the equipment.

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