Through Getty-Dubay Italic Calligraphy: for School and Home, students. The Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series provides a clear, concise. Write Now is a self-instructional course in modern italic handwriting.

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Not incredibly appealing, this series nevertheless gets the job of handwriting instruction done, and done well.

Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Series

Letter height 14 mm. History of letters and numerals.

Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay developed their own italic handwriting method to provide students a more natural style than the more tradition ball-and-stick most kids learn. Following dubat instruction is a brief, illustrated history dubau the alphabet.

Each book is simple black and white, and while there are illustrations they’re simply line drawings. Hollis Crossman used to be a child. We’ve sold many of these books and have personally witnessed handwriting improvement from some kids.

Z to A Price: While practicing cursive italic, students explore the many facets of the world of science — the animal gtty, DNA, photosynthesis, minerals, continents, biomes, our solar system and galaxy.

Shopping cart 0 items You have no items in your shopping cart. This well-crafted book is a welcome complement to your entire curriculum. Although written for adult learners, children from about ages ten and up might be able to learn dubzy it even if they need some duaby assistance.


Deluxe Spelling Power Pack. A to Z Name: Energizing writing practice for basic italic and cursive italic includes capitalization, vowel and consonant sounds, prefixes, suffixes, phonograms, homophones, tongue twisters and six poem forms. Both these books are consumable, though students could just as easily complete all work on separate sheets of paper. Sign up for our newsletter today!

Similar to calligraphy, italic is aesthetically appealing and easy to read since letter forms are uncluttered. Lined guide sheets are also included. Complete information provided to effectively teach italic handwriting.

Write Now teaches basic Getty-Dubay Italic handwriting with plenty of examples and practice exercises. It is available from www. None of the books in this series are reproducible, so you’ll need separate texts for each student. The teacher guide one book getyy student Books A through G contains the scope and sequence for the series; discussion of materials; tips for teaching left- or right-handed writers; and techniques for teaching and evaluating shape, strokes, size, slope, spacing, and speed of writing.

Spelling Power Starter Pack. Did you find this review helpful? Now he is a husband and father, teaches adult Sunday school in cubay Presbyterian congregation, and likes weird stuff.

Each half sheet references the page number in the corresponding book. For children who need even more practice than that supplied within the workbooks there are blackline masters on a single CD-ROM that covers all levels A through G. Display 6 9 12 18 per page. Getty-Dubay Italic letter forms for printing and cursive are basically identical, with entrance and exit strokes added to the printed forms for joining letters in cursive. Introducing italic style to children with handwriting difficulties has proven very successful in some cases.


Shipping, Returns, Privacy, etc. This method dugay simple and clear letter forms with roots in calligraphy. The Getty-Dubay Italic Gftty Series provides a clear, concise, step-by-step approach with opportunity for lots of practice.

Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting available at

Italic Handwriting Book D: A single instruction manual covers all seven student texts, and provides plenty of information for demonstrating the basics how to hold a pencil, etc. Fuel Your Adult Soul. Getty-Dubay Italic is somewhat similar dubaay slant print in appearance, but letters geyty formed differently.

Learn more about our store locations and hours. The elliptical shapes and strokes of italic conform to natural, rhythmic hand movements. The Getty-Dubay series provides step-by-step guidance useful to teachers as well as the self-taught student. Upgrades to 3rd Ed Spelling Power.

Two supplemental texts are also available:

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