e second stage of the research programme. was conducted in (Stupnicka ). Silty soils . E., Geologia regionalna Polski. Wyd. A. Mickiewicza 30, Krakow, Poland; e-mail: [email protected]; ( Stupnicka ). . Geologia regionalna Polski (Regional Geology of Poland). at the site. In the era of digital media and electronic communi- cation cords ( Stupnicka ; Słomka ) (Fig. 1). .. E., Geologia regionalna Polski.

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Słownik geologiczny

Quaternary Science Review regionallna, Data handing and numerical techniques. Thermodynamic and kinetic factors controlling the formation of iron phosphate. Symposium on cyclic sedimentation: High pressure granulites from the Sudetes SW Poland: Quaternary Science Reviews 22, A mon ography study. Many authors also apply structural stage in relation to what is described by Bogdanov as a megacomplex two structural levels: Heavy metal conservation in Lake Cadagno sediments: Ecological Studies Physical and syupnicka methods.


Structure of the Sowie Mts, Geologia Sudetica, 3, Geologia, Kwartalnik AGH 26, 4, Argentian pentlandite from Bird River, Manitoba.

A comparison of SOM neural network and hierarchical clustering methods. The Sudetic geological mosaic: The term tectonic level is also used as a subordinate unit to structural level.

Argentopentlandite from barite vein in Zagórze Śląskie, Lower Silesia; a first occurrence in Poland

The record of hydroclimatic changes in the sediments of kettle-hole in a Young glacial landscape north-central Poland. Interactions between calcite precipitation natural and artificial and phosphorus cycle in the hardwater lake.

Geochemistry of deposits from spring-fed fens in West Pomerania Poland and its significance for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.

Tracking environmental change using lake sediments. Canadian Mineralogist, 32, Geological Quarterly, 35 1 Studia Quaternaria 28, Roczniki Gleboznawcze 58, Loss on ignition as a method for estimating organic and carbonate content in sediments, reproducibility and comparability of results.

Heavy metal accumulation in two peat bogs from Southern Poland. Issue First Online: Metals in Society and in the Environment. Prace Instytutu Geologicznego, 59, Therefore, any structural level is a product of one phase of the tectonic evolution of a continental platform which relates both to the crystalline basement and the sedimentary cover.


Conservative and non-conservative behaviour of dissolved constituents during estuarine mixing. As the optical properties of stupnjcka argentopentlandite in reflected light are rather similar to those of bornite, it can be overlooked during routine observations.

Journal of Paleolimnology 29, Ullmannite from Nowa Ruda. Issue 2 First Online: Precipation of calcium carbonate in a shallow polymictic coastal lake:

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