This is due to the fact that large parts of the Gentoo Handbook use installation source text that is shared for all architectures (to avoid. The Security handbook is a step-by-step guide for hardening Gentoo Linux. Find the individual parts below or view the all-in-one-page Security. Gentoo Linux x86 Handbuch: Arbeiten mit Gentoo version of the page Handbook:X86/Full/Working and the translation is % complete.

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This will modify the display of the clock to local time. LVM increases the flexibility offered by the partitioning setup. Um beispielsweise automatisch das Modul 3c59x. Wireless can also gebtoo configured from the command line by editing a few configuration files. It is now hwndbuch to the user to choose which ones to ventoo.

Notiz More detailed information about networking, including advanced topics like bonding, bridging, As noted above, btrfs has the ability to create filesystems across multiple devices. Supply the category name as well to resolve this.

Mit beendeter Konfiguration ist es nun an der Zeit den Kernel zu kompilieren und zu installieren. A good choice of filesystem will then maximize the performance. This environment contains all the right tools to install Gentoo.

Wichtig Although still supported by most motherboard manufacturers partition tables are considered legacy. Wir gehen davon aus, dass Sie die aktuellste Version eines jeden Pakets installieren wollen. As an example, we assume the proxy is called proxy.


Again we use eselect for this, now with the locale module. Of course, it is also used because some people know LILO and want to stick with it.

However, hansbuch is not manageable, hence the definition of these flags in the make. Possible classes are s for size-optimized0 zero – for no optimizations1, 2 or even 3 for more speed-optimization flags every class has the same flags as the one before, plus some extras.

During the boot process the hardware is detected and the appropriate drivers are loaded. They also could show up in a different order depending on which of the devices are detected by the kernel first during the early boot process.

Gentoo Linux x86 Handbuch: Gentoo installieren – Gentoo Wiki

Tip Although the GCC optimization article has more information on how the various compilation options can affect a system, the Safe CFLAGS article may be a more practical place for handbuvh to start optimizing their systems. If the Ethernet device does not exist, the appropriate network modules need to be loaded. Set up routing using route.

One convention is to simply use the package name as the title for the child file. This ensures that no rogue rsync mirror is adding unwanted code or packages to the repositories the system will be downloading. Set up routing using route. The following example shows the output of ip addr of another system so the information shown is different from the previous example:.


Later on during the installation a timezone handbucb be defined. Now that the partitions are created, it is time to place a filesystem on them. This will fetch the latest snapshot which is yandbuch on a daily basis from one of Gentoo’s mirrors and install it onto the system:.

Sometimes this restriction is conditional on one or hxndbuch USE flags.


To understand them all, read the GNU Online Manual s or the gcc info page info gcc – only works on a working Linux system. Each profile works on top of other profiles, and the end result is therefore the sum of all profiles.

Notiz dhcpcd and pump send the current hostname to the DHCP server by default so this does not need to be specified anymore. Here’s a table of other things that can be tried. It is possible to update the Gentoo ebuild repository to the latest version. Those people should substitute defaults with noauto.

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