Gaudy Night has ratings and reviews. Meredith said: A couple of years ago I thought (as a gesture to God saying something like, “Hey, we don. While Peter is on a governmental mission, Harriet attends a reunion at Oxford and is recruited to find the author of a rash of vicious poison pen letters there. Gaudy Night stands out even among Miss Sayers’s novels. And Miss Sayers has long stood in a class by herself.”—Times Literary SupplementThe great Do.

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Open Preview See a Problem? The mystery is complex.

Gaudy Night

Like Harriet, I’m somewhat of an intellectual. And the chess set is still the most upsetting part. Here’s one bit of it I particularly loved: Portrait of an English Villagewhich was assigned to me in my European History class in my last year of school.

They may niht hours discussing philosophy and ethics, but are equally at home debating a dress or a hat. Your suggestion will be processed as soon as possible. Under that influence, I lay still and quiet, and listened, and breathed.

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers – a weighty novel that still thrills

Aug 19, Jason Koivu rated it really liked it Shelves: The fact is, men also have family responsibilities that may interfere with their callings. It’s one of the last in the series and thus hard to talk about without spoiling earlier books, as it deals with the resolution of the relationship between Lord Peter and Harriet Vane, the mystery guady first introduced in Strong Poison and seen again in Have His Carcase. A woman must have a dorotny sense of personal principle, which means that she cannot be defined by her relationships to guady sinners.

Her personal dilemma becomes entangled with darkly hinted suspicions and prejudices raised by the crimes at the college, which appear to have been committed by a sexually frustrated female don. I put my money on Bunter. Then this is the book for you Gradually, as further incidents occur, Harriet is able to start eliminating suspects based on cast-iron alibis, but it is a slow and laborious process.


Excellent post, and even though you say it’s not a review per seI’m totally bumping this book up on my TBR list. You know, I think that’s why this worked for me. I wanted something meaty, but couldn’t commit to the length of a Victorian novel. Quotes from Gaudy Night. Though it carries all of those things with it, Gaudy Night is also a cracking detective story: The rare successful marriage where intellectual pursuit and family devotion have been melded in a complementary match.

A successful mystery writer and sometime assistant to Peter in his investigations, Harriet is an alumnus of Shrewsbury, an Oxford women’s college fictional, of course.

When someone starts sending threatening letters to the staff and students of Shrewsbury and vandalising the grounds, the professors worry that any scandal might injure Shrewsbury’s reputation and women’s education in general.

He faces his emotions and deliberately changes himself to better himself.

But in doing so, gaudu have erroneously concluded that calling is not important for women as it is for men. Of course, it is very clear to the reader that in her heart of hearts, she loves him.

I’ve loved the book of Sayegs Night for years, so when I discovered there was a filmed xorothy I was very enthusiastic and bought it on eBay. The mystery is certainly intriguing, but what really speaks to me about Gaudy Night is its investigation into different ideas of marriage and of woman’s place in the world. The scriptwriter pulls the odd chunk of text verbatim from the book, then proceeds to drown it in long, turgid scenes jammed with his own dialogue. Crime fiction Fiction blogposts.

And Miss Sayers has long stood in a class by herself. We aren’t just cursed with pain in labour of both kinds –we’re cursed with a very limited time in which to get anything done.

Jan 07, James rated it really liked it Shelves: Lord Peter Wimsey Richard Morant It would hurt like hell. This book is a member of the special collection Special Collection: Sorry for tardiness of responses to comments!


Although Harriet Vane surely reflects her creator to some degree something Sayers vigorously deniedit would be reductive to regard the character as nothing more than an author avatar.

I really like Harriet’s narrative voice, and how she can forget about Peter for a while when she’s engrossed in something else, but not completely. Dorotyh Harriet Vane added interesting points to several discussions about women’s position in society, but in the meantime did not get any closer to solving the mystery. Please be clear in your message, if you are referring to the information found on this web page; or the contents of the book.

Vintage Novels: Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers

This is the second mystery that Harriet and Peter investigate ‘together’ — and by together I mean that Harriet spends quite a time collecting facts, and Peter does all the analysis and nlght. Lord Peter Wimsey 1 – 10 of 15 books. A don, Miss de Vine, explains how she once broke her engagement after realising that she was more invested in her academic career than in her fiance.

Harriet always loved her time at Oxford, but was nighh about returning, especially after events covered in a previous book, where she was accused of killing a former lover. Pinnick, Noretta Koertgeand Robert F. Please enter a suggested description.

Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey, #12) by Dorothy L. Sayers

Let’s leave it at that. There is an attempt to drive a vulnerable student to suicide and a physical assault on Harriet that almost kills her. My blood oxygen levels were catastrophic, even with pure oxygen.

What he finds is that one member of the staff had reason to seek vengeance. She was also a student of classical and modern languages. Harriet Vane Edward Petherbridge Note a reference to C.

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