The game was Gangbusters, and it brought many things that had not a look at Gangbusters and I’ll tell you why you should give this old TSR. QucsIiom about the GANGBUSTERS mln should be xnl Io: GANGBUSnRS Puntiam, TSR, Ins., FQB , Lake Geneva, Wr, h n c n must include a. From the back of the box GANGBUSTERS role-playing game is different from most other games. Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a.

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Noir often has a jaded view of society, how is this a part of Gangbusters? You don’t need any more than the book in your hands and two sided dice to delve into the adventures of the Prohibition Era! What parts of the rules and overall system capture what drew you to work with this noir game? Most rules are percentage modifiers which are rolled against on percentile dice. What about the one with “Baby Faced Finster”? The 3 rd Edition book was printed with the Lakefront City map attached inside the back cover, but copies with this map intact are becoming more difficult to find.

Gangbusters is one of them. That is to say that each PC has a class that represents their profession, and a level of experience which in this case runs from one to about ten. When these two groups clash, the only result is death Journalists get awarded for scooping stories.

Black & Green Games

Some detail is given to the qualifications, procedures, resources, and pay of each type of Law Enforcement character. How long can the PI pursue their special case while the rest of the players sit and wait? It’s all up to you, and it doesn’t interfere with the game the way, say, a party of evil destructive PCs killing each other might.


Bootleggers and crime syndicates controlled entire cities, while gangs and bank robbers roamed the country. Want to call back to the precinct?

I supported becauseā€¦ “it offers me a chance to explore my kinder, gentler side. How about running the numbers racket in your neighborhood? It remained in effect until its repeal on 5 Ganfbusters The second half of the book is a complete lost world campaign set in the alternate universe of Zorandar complete with player-characters, cave-people, Neanderthals, lost Romans, and dinosaurs.

Looks like you’ve reached the end.

Gangbusters: Core Rules

Rules are here for profit and loss of various sized speaks. The next type of career is are the Gangbustrs Professions. What I’ve been looking for is mostly top down city view maps, or leads to good tile sets, other map gangbusterz that I can add to maps to add a 20’s feel to them. Views Read Edit View history. A complete box set will include: Please note, there was never a 2nd edition of this product.

Newspaper boy Pushcart sellers Showgirls Coat n tail top hat rich Bowler and derbyvwearing office workers A few soldiers Horse police Molk cart.

Gangbusters: Core Rules – Multiverse

No Web Links Found. They gave him their presidency. Want to be a fence? All that remains is to purchase equipment, which immediately follows the skills. For that info, as discussed above, boxed set owners should purchase GB1: They gave him every advantage. Historical role-playing games TSR company games Role-playing games introduced in When he was born, his wealthy parents decided he’d make a great son. The sinister figure known only as the Condor has forced the closure of half of Whitley Mining through death threats and “unfortunate accidents.

How to make money?

TSR gangbustegs the revised edition as 3rd. For a review of the mini-campaign and Lakefront City information, please see the review of GB1: He was at least a Hood All PCs start the game with one of the first 9 skills, which cost only 5, XP to acquire. Rick Krebs the original writer and creator of Gangbusters RPG has been very nice to allow to me to put out new material for his great game. This is important to know, because each type of career earns Gangbudters in a completely different way.


Thanks for posting this, dude.

This is a novel opportunity that only a few games capture, but it is potentially a very difficult proposition for the Judge. He has created Drongo for D ungeon Crawl Classics. What started as a simple job has turned into a nightmare, with a ganbgusters man in your apartment and Nicky McCallister’s goons breathing down your neck. The player characters can take the roles of law enforcement, criminals, and other types of roles.

TSR GangBusters “Roaring 20’s” Role-Playing Game – Google+

On one hand, this keeps that sort gangbustfrs bookkeeping gangbysters. Modern readers might not be aware that FBI agents could not actually make arrests untilthat the Browning Automatic Rifle was commonly in use by Law Enforcement, or that crime labs were almost unheard of until the establishment of the FBI headquarters lab. But you can also play a straight-arrow detective who gets the other PCs put in jail. First off, who is a favorite fictional sleuth of yours?

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. These sorts of options play into the genre quite well, as fisticuffs and car chases are staples of gangster films and novels.

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