Jorge Luis Borges. FUNES THE MEMORIOUS. I remember him (I have no right to utter this sacred verb, only one man on earth had that right and he is dead). My high school senior year English teacher was kind of an odd fellow, though I now believe he relished (and even cultivated) the “wacky. JORGE LUIS BORGES with my cousin Bernardo Haedo. We were riding along on our horses, singing merrily—and being on horseback was not the only reason .

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Funes el Memorioso

The unheeded marvel is a common theme in Borges’s writing. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. His memories were visceral, as they were link to birges body sensations. Days later, Borges receives a telegram from Buenos Aires calling for his return due to his father’s ill health.

Need a bit more enlightenment on this. Later, when the narrator inquired what had become of Funes, he was told that the latter “had been thrown by a wild horse at the San Francisco ranch, and that he been hopelessly crippled” To think is to forget a difference, to generalize, to abstract. Retrieved from ” https: Funes, we are told, is incapable jorrge Platonic ideas, of generalities, of abstraction; his world is one of intolerably uncountable details. A poor, ignorant young boy in the outskirts of a small town, he is hopelessly limited ,emorioso his possibilities, but says Borges his absurd projects reveal “a certain stammering greatness”.


We can assume that thinking is an instrument that our mind uses in order to overcome the limitations of perception. In the overly replete ojrge of Funes, there were nothing but details. D This short story tells us about a guy who became paralyzed while simultaneously gaining some super-human abilities.

British-American neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks cites Luria’s book as the inspiration for his own book, Awakeningswhich jrge dedicated to Luria. Borges’s cousin asks the boy for the time, and Funes replies instantly, without the aid of a watch and accurate to the minute.

No trivia or quizzes yet. It is at this point that the saga of Funes the memorious begins.

His memories were so precise and detailed that when he recalled a day from his childhood it took him an entire day to recall it. I kind of didn’t get what the point of it was A Little Book about a Vast Memory see this database.

Because “memorious” is a rare word borged modern English, some translators opt for this alternate translation. Two or three times he had reconstructed an entire day; he had never once erred or faltered, but each reconstruction had itself taken an entire day.

Funes el Memorioso by Jorge Luis Borges

Borges, disconcerted, sends Funes what he deems the most difficult works “in order fully to undeceive him”. Moreover, this lifestyle seems annoying: Trivia About Funes el Memorioso. He knew the forms of the clouds in the southern sky on the morning of April 30, and he could compare them in his memory with the veins in the marbled binding of a book he had seen only once, or with the feathers of spray lifted by an oar on the Rio Negro on the eve of the Battle of Quebracho. Valentin Eni rated it it was memoriosl Apr 23, Borges returns to Buenos Aires memorjoso, then in comes back to Fray Bentos, intending to relax and study some Latin.


Because Funes can distinguish every physical object at every distinct time of viewing, he has no clear need of generalization or detail-suppression for the management of sense impressions.

Cristina Molina rated it really liked it Apr 25, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Viana rated it it was ok Mar 15, I need to talk to someone: Funes did not understand me, or did not wish to understand me” Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The real-life case of Daniel Tammet b. Further Skywriting on this topic. Oct 29, Marietldr rated it really liked it.

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