GUEST POSTOverview. What is A Data Model? What are the Major Types of Data Models? What is FS-LDM? How is FS-LDM Implemented?. ” Hi, I would like to know why FSLDM is recommended with Teradata? What is the advantage of FSLDM and how it best fits with Teradata. Appreciate your help. I recommend starting at this link: Financial Services Data Model. Here you will find information such as the benefits of using an industry specific.

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Use the link on the bottom of the page to reach out to a Teradata geradata on this model to learn more and understand if the FSLDM is appropriate for your business needs.

Thank you for reading. Where can I find more information about depth image?

Teradata FSLDM Training

Internal Organization has the inner institution business and the skills and objectives are to be there. For example my name is in party entity and my asset will be in the asset entity and now how I link this party and the asset there is an entity between the party and asset it will link that party and asset.

Product has the product type and their product which is linked to that also must be know. Where can I get more information about turnkey? Party an individual and an group based on that interested to teradafa financial institution. Thanks for the post. Internal Organization a party that have a element of business. Individual household will have relates party id, party relationship tsradata and the party relationship start.


Margin history account, investment agreement and investment agreement balance history. We also gives job support by virtual job support site team, if have any doubts just contact to my team. Product is the advertise product are the examines terms conditions and their features.

About FSLDM? – Teradata Community

Operations on the Relational Database Model are facilitated with the help of different conditional expressions, various key attributes, pre-defined constraints, etc. Event is based on their interest may or can nor we can be get in touch with with the user. Event there will be agreement event and financial event are debit and credit will occur which are not directly link with customer, contract event which are mutually contact and compliant and are all are contract event and with webpage and click stream.

Where it has the some agreement based on the types business agreement, bank agreement, insurance agreement and investment agreement. Agreement the same thing will be seen in this and there must be a entity that is party agreement which will be link between the party and.

Teradata Financial Services (FS) LDM Data Model

Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Party Name are the organization name are Desc, End Dt, individual name are middle, family, given, suffix, prefix, individual end dt.

Still have a question? Internal Organization a party that have an unit of business. Click here Topic Request.

Where the party party relationship will have the party structure type, party relation status reason, party relation status type. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Margin history bank account, investment agreement and investment agreement balance history. In this party type which parties are related to this that means organization and individual like fslxm.


It will have the business ownership, provider specialist hist, provider sanction hist. Campaign has the product offer and ad will said and then party segment and name will also say. Once we received the payment, immediately we will provide videos via google drive. Location for party there should be an address that are objective, electronic, natural features address based on that. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Product is an the teradxta product are the services terms conditions and their features. Here you will find fslvm such as the benefits of using an industry specific model, the primary components of this teradsta, a white paper on the common business problems in financial services and how a unified model can help solve them.

Where can I find more information about Socionics? These are very helpful to do the mapping in the mapping.

And it will give the history of party and their relationship. Party asset in an Conceptual Model the parties which have interested values.

Data Modeling and the Teradata FSLDM

Log into your account. Please enter your comment! Financial Services Data Model.

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