The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, multi- stakeholder organization established in to promote responsible management of. This website uses cookies to improve our website activity. Learn more I agree. FSC Nederland. FSC Nederland. FSC. Back; Waarom FSC? Back; 10 redenen. FSC stelt wereldwijde standaarden voor bosbeheer op, met daaraan gekoppeld een keurmerk. Basis voor deze standaarden, die per land of.

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Numerous governments worldwide have strengthened market-based incentives for timber certification by providing tax benefits to certified companies, referencing certified products as requirements in their procurement policies [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] and supporting projects linked to FSC through their international development agencies. FSC has developed rigorous procedures and standards to evaluate whether organizations of certifiers certification bodies can provide independent and competent evaluation certification services.

The world’s largest manager of FSC certified forests, [63] Resolute Forest Fscchas been accused of illegal logging on Barriere Lake Algonquin territory and of violating indigenous rights.

Download the service sheet kuermerk PDF. Chamber-balanced Working Groups have been established to strengthen the Controlled Wood system and the Chain of Custody standard, and options are fac pursued to address the performance of certification bodies.

In the neoliberal view, market based methods are seen as one of the most effective and efficient ways to meet environmental goals. An operation must specify the range of products they wish to sell as FSC certified and promote with the FSC trademark.

This resulted in the removal of the license to certify from the Thai company, Forest Industry Organisation. What are the key benefits? It offers manufacturers a competitive advantage and thereby increases market access to new markets and maintains access to existing ones.

It claims keurmerrk forests managed to its standards offer benefits to both local and wider communities and these are said to include cleaner air and water, and a contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change.

It is governed by its members, who join either as individuals or as representatives of organisations; they come from diverse backgrounds including environmental NGOs, the timber tradecommunity forest groups and forest certification organizations. Uw drukker moet gecertificeerd zijn om uw huisstijl te mogen voorzien van dit keurmerk. Historical Context and Contemporary Issues”. We offer the possibility of combined certifications to the largest range of recognized standards, bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency.


In addition, governments are forbidden from being members of the FSC and their only engagement with FSC is as land owners. This is intended to ensure that the process for developing FSC policies and standards is transparent, independent and participatory.

There are a number of certification schemes for forest management apart from FSC certification.

For other uses, see Stewardship council. Posted at 12 juni By: Het is dan ook hopen dat deze keurmerken snel tot het verleden behoren. In addition to compliance with all of the above, plantations must contribute to reduce the pressures on and promote the restoration and conservation of natural forests.

FSC has three levels of decision making bodies: In the lead up to the Earth Summit, social groups, Kfurmerk and industries were also beginning to consult on the issue of deforestation.

How much time and money are needed for this certification? This means that keurmdrk management meets the key requirements in terms of social, environmental and economic aspects.

In America the consultation process that eventually led to the establishment of the FSC was initiated in and concluded in the confirmation of support for the development of a voluntary worldwide certification and accreditation governance system that would cover all forest types.

Avoiding unacceptable sources – FSC CONTROLLED WOOD

Blog De beste promotie voor een volhoudbare samenleving. Australasian Political Studies Association. Tweets Tweets by Get2Better. SmartWood “undermines” the FSC”. Coppicing Forest farming Forest gardening Logging Manufacturing lumber plywood pulp and paper sawmilling Products biochar biomass charcoal non-timber palm oil rayon rubber tanbark Rail transport Tree farm Christmas trees Wood engineered fuel mahogany teak Woodworking.

It aims to avoid the use of wood products keurrmerk “unacceptable” sources in FSC labelled products. Kejrmerk following claims are used within the timber trade and timber -processing industry.

Bank protection Sfc plates production boards Ducdalphes Fendering Hardwood decking horse stables and pens Jetties and platforms Jetties and platforms Lock gates Mooring piles of Wijma Noise barriers Railway timber Timber sheetpiling Waling fc barrier Wooden bridges Wooden sleepers.

  C1815 HF PDF

An Early Test and Future Prospects”. Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, the timeline can go from one year for minor administrative infringements to immediate action for major infringements.

ASI monitors accredited certification bodies to ensure the appropriateness of their operations can be continuously guaranteed.

Network 5, highly qualified auditors worldwide with a vast expertise that is recognized by more than 36 national and international accreditation bodies.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. More information, for example, on the current validity and content of this certificate, can be obtained by consulting the FSC Certificates Database at info. The FSC transnational NGO network demonstrates theories of global governancemore csc in governance network theory.

Ministry of the Environment: Archived from the original on 30 January Between the formal application and the certificate issuance, it may take a few months, but a Bureau Veritas Certification representative will be able to provide details relative to your unique situation. Though mainly designed for forest management for timber products, they are also largely relevant csc non-timber products e.

Non-profit organisations based in North Rhine-Westphalia International environmental organizations Fsd forestry organizations Conservation organizations Forest certification Timber industry Forest conservation organizations Environmental certification marks Organisations based in Bonn establishments in Germany.

Meurmerk website offers a wide range of extensive and detailed criticisms of FSC. Retrieved from ” https: To maintain independence between the standards it sets and the operations seeking certification of both kinds, FSC does not conduct certification audits itself.

Forest Stewardship Council – Wikipedia

Security, Health and Safety. It stands as the only globally recognized group promoting forestry certification standards.

Despite the increased level of concern on the run-up to the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, tensions between the North and the global South over access to finance and technology for the preservation of forests protracted negotiations.

Binnen dit label zijn keirmerk varianten.

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