The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, multi- stakeholder organization established in to promote responsible management of. This website uses cookies to improve our website activity. Learn more I agree. FSC Nederland. FSC Nederland. FSC. Back; Waarom FSC? Back; 10 redenen. FSC stelt wereldwijde standaarden voor bosbeheer op, met daaraan gekoppeld een keurmerk. Basis voor deze standaarden, die per land of.

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Brazil nuts and other environmental services such as clean water and air and carbon sequestration. This gives FSC some advantages over state governance systems.

The following claims are used within keurmwrk timber trade and timber -processing industry. In addition, in keurmsrk this claim, there is the requirement that all FSC-certified timber is physically kept apart from non-certified timber throughout the supply chain Chain of Custody, COC. FSC has developed rigorous procedures and standards to evaluate whether organizations of certifiers certification bodies can provide independent and competent evaluation certification services. If minor non-compliances are noted, the certificate can be issued with conditions that have to be met within a clearly determined timeframe.

Major failure to comply with the standard will normally disqualify the candidate from certification or lead to de-certification.

It stands as the only globally recognized group promoting forestry certification standards. Our Address Broekakker 17, Breda Phone: In Julymembers of the Algonquin community in southern Quebec staged a camp to observe and keurmrk the logging of their unceded territory.

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Reduction of environmental impact of logging activities and maintenance of the ecological functions and integrity of the forest. FSC is an example of how network governance can create change in industry and encourage organizations to improve the sustainability of industrial forestry practices. More information, fs example, on the current validity and content of this certificate, can be obtained by consulting the FSC Certificates Database at info.


Through the chamber system, governance of FSC has checks at local, national and international levels which mean that it includes interests regardless of their geographical location. Ook stelt het geen eisen aan het productieproces van papier bijv.

Agroforestry dehesa Analog forestry Bamboo forestry Close to nature forestry Community fzc Ecoforestry Energy forestry Mycoforestry Permaforestry Plantation forestry Social forestry Sustainable forestry Urban forestry. Network governance theory suggests that partnerships should be equal, but inequalities of power within networks can result in hierarchical relationships determined by more dominant actors.

To become FSC accredited, certifiers have to comply with an extensive set of rules and procedures which are verified by ASI – Accreditation Services International GmbH [28] – an international third-party keurmekr body, which also serves as sole accreditation body for other sustainability standards such as MSC and RSPO. Once a forest is certified it is important to be able to trace the products that come from it throughout the supply chain to ensure that any claims on the origin of the product are credible and verifiable.

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Governing through markets forest certification and the emergence of non-state authority. It offers manufacturers a competitive advantage and thereby increases market access to new markets and maintains access to existing ones.

In addition to compliance with all of the above, plantations must contribute to reduce the pressures on and promote the restoration and conservation of natural forests. Some critics [ who? Archived from the original pdf on 21 June Disappointed with the outcome of the Earth Summit, NGOs such as the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF began to turn their attention to industry for a more meaningful governance-orientated resolution to the problem of deforestation.

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It tracks the flow of certified wood through the supply chain and across borders through each successive stage – including processing, transformation and manufacturing – all the way to the final product. Het type label dat gebruikt keurmerl worden is afhankelijk van de samenstelling van het papieren product.

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Tropical deforestation as a global concern rose to prominence in the s and can be somewhat attributed to a fight for action by environmentalists and northern countries over the need to protect tropical woodland. FSC chain of custody certification is a voluntary process. ASI monitors accredited certification bodies to ensure the appropriateness of their operations can be continuously guaranteed.

If during these audits the certification body finds that a company has non-compliances with FSC requirements, Corrective Action Requests CARs are issued and the company is required to make the prescribed changes within a given timeframe or lose its FSC certificate.

Dit certificeren wordt gedaan door onafhankelijke certificeerders.

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The FSC Mix label was introduced in The certification costs depend on the size, complexity and organisation of your company. Bank protection Base plates production boards Ducdalphes Fendering Hardwood decking horse stables and pens Jetties and platforms Jetties and platforms Lock gates Mooring piles of Wijma Noise barriers Railway timber Timber sheetpiling Waling wooden barrier Wooden bridges Wooden sleepers.

The range of member organizations illustrates the diversity of support for FSC. This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. The certification body inspects the operation to ensure that controls keurmdrk in place to identify eligible sources for keutmerk specified product range and to prevent kwurmerk and recycled material from mixing with material from unacceptable sources.

FSC is a global forest certification system established for forests and forest products ; from the perspective of the WWF this voluntary mechanism can be regarded as one of the more interesting initiatives of the last decade to promote better forest management.

SLIMF are defined as forests of hectares or less. Keurmerm stelt wereldwijde standaarden voor bosbeheer op, met daaraan gekoppeld een keurmerk.

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