Results 1 – 10 of 17 This page lists all sheet music of Pièce héroïque, M37 by César Auguste Franck ( ). Franck Piece Heroique. By César Franck, Marcel Dupré, Artist. • 4 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Piece Heroique. 2. Chorale No. 1 In E Major. . View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Pièce Héroïque / Three Chorales on Discogs.

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Bars Langlais instructed the present author that the melody should be played legato.

Franck added a slur above the soprano in the final manuscript and obviously felt that by doing so the ties that he had inserted in the intermediate manuscript but without a slur were not necessary to achieve the same result.

The swell, however, had no mixtures. A Danish mile is, as is well known, about 7. This is too basic for any organist to ignore. Tying such notes into a common tone was a practice that de- veloped early in heroiqhe nineteenth century in France. Bar 80 Langlais instructed the present author that the tirasses pedal cou- plers should be taken off here. Tempo Franck indicated tempo indications hheroique all his organ works, and often for sections of them, but did not indicate metronome markings in his autograph manuscripts or original editions.

The exposition in my organ recording of November also has a tempo of a crotchet equals 76 which I as- certained by metronome in August There is a contradiction in herroique fact that a good many metronome markings which ffranck know from high and late romanticism seem to us to be quite, or very, fast, whereas great musicians posthumous writ- ings contain a great quantity of warnings not to play too fast, or re- port that someone or other played very slowly.

3 Pièces pour grand orgue (Franck, César)

The swell oboe was a reed but was treated as a foundation stop, being more like a gamba. Van Eck suggested that Franck s tempo marks are about one-fifth too fast because Franck s metronome cursor had been placed upside down. The normal practice of Jean Langlais was to treat the pause as adding one beat only to the note over which the pause occurs. Page don t lengthen the pedal quavers. Some- times his dynamic markings reinforce these.


Only three people in France one being Langlais know where the au- tographs of the three Chorals are. Besides big hands he had big feet.

It is the same staircase that Franck used for herojque years and is similar to the one in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney. Langlais was adamant about both of these requirements. This is the rule where the second note is in a different part, for ex- ample, alto to soprano.

Hyperion Records

Touch and duration The basic touch to be employed in the performance of Franck s organ music is legato, and this must be a full and complete legato especially in cantabile passages. Page 21 third-last bar can slow down; second last and last bars make melody legato. There was a swell piiece choir coupler and a choir to great coupler. Emotional chameleon A chameleon is a lizard which is able to change the colouration of its skin according to differing circumstances.

Raymond Huntington Woodman was organist and choirmaster at the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, New York from to and was a composer.

The lever had certain advantages over the modern swell pedals. Bar Some organists with the resources add further stops at bar and perhaps in subsequent places.

I make them full eighths, while still keeping the accompaniment half-value. Page 9 bars 8 and 9 rall but not too much.

Joby Bell – Blog – Franck-ly speaking, Part IV: Pièce Héroïque

Reger regarded Straube as his au- thentic interpreter and approved the first of his editions fromthe second being published three years after Reger s death.

As usual, Franck s registration is uncomplicated: Herkique is an abbreviation for the French word talon meaning heel and P is an abbreviation of the French phrase doit du pied meaning toe.

Our magical horse we harness to the carriage and space disappears; we fly like clouds, as birds of passage fly! It does not refer to the medieval Gothic movement. The E in the melody of the first bar is tied to the E in heoique alto, and in all simi- lar places, as it is common. Textual and Interpretative Comments 94 Chapter Seven: Joby Bell tagged Franck. Measure 2, melody, last note C: I begin a ritard in and make sure that my ritard does not get any slower than I intend to go in On the very soft swell the foundations were not loud or pene- trating enough and Franck always indicated that the oboe was to be used except with the vox humana.


In those works he provided indications of franci and character for which he heroiqud the customary Italian terms and sometimes their French equivalent.

Bonnet in his edition at bar inserted fff and in the previous bar inserted add Solo Tubas heroiqur The express drumbeat motif immediately precedes and later accom- panies the middle section chorale theme prayer for reconciliation. In some cases, I made small alterations which follow piecce original manu- script. To illustrate the emotional content of the above analysis the follow- ing programmatic chart shows each emotional heroisue as plotted against its respective bar numbers.

The organ pipes are set high above the galleries in a splendid position from the point of view of acoustics. Make an unexpected pregnant pause. The swell trumpet was particularly famous, having a mysterious golden, yet penetrating quality.

The present author s assessment of these somewhat inscrutable markings is as follows: Fganck is best francm measures not to use any pedal couplers and thus have only foundations no reeds in the pedal.

Except for one short passage in the Fantaisie in A major, Franck never indicated the swell foundation stops on their own. Bar 98 Alan Moffat marked in the present author s score a detachment at the end of bar 98 in the right hand. There is no wavey line after the tr in Franck s autograph or in the printed edition, at bar 6 or analogously at bar 26 or The organist then selected and pulled out the reeds, and any mix- tures, that were required but these did not sound at that stage.

Franck s registration with the trompette, if followed literally, may make the accompaniment over-prominent on modern organs.

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