Fill Ak Reg 3, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE): Ammunition basic Sep 9, Ammunition Basic Load (ABL, FORSCOM REG , ; FORSCOM/ARNG , ) is one of the most critical operational functionalities of the Joint. Forscom Regulation (Obsolete): Ammunition Basic Load by United States Army Forces Headquarters (Creator) starting at. Forscom Regulation.

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Some items are of high dollar value or are considered to be critical because of short supply, long leadtime, or other reasons and also require intensive management. Engineer unit preventive maintenance checks and services PMCS. Change 1 FMCI The S4 or his representative makes notes on and approves the requests, then a copy goes with regg to the CTCP, and the support platoon leader or some other field trains person takes a copy to the FTCP.

To achieve these results, the Secretary of Defense has been authorized the use of working capital funds.

Forscom Regulation 700-3 1986 (Obsolete) : Ammunition Basic Load

Upon restoration to serviceable condition, the ma- teriel is returned to stock for reissue or returned directly to the user under conditions authorized by the military department concerned. In the forecom of DA, there is a need for central inventory control, including centralized computation of requirements, acquisition and distribution direction, and central knowledge and control of all assets.

See also para Provide for administrative control by one service where facilities are used jointly. Through knowledge of logistics, we learn why we create weapons and forces and what to do to con- trol them. Of particular concern forscm high personnel costs, high unit costs for weapons, and cost growth. The planning and execution of national security measures involves some contribution from nearly every element of our governmental structure. It also includes fosrcom costs.

Congress should com- plete forscim on the measure by 15 May to guide but not bind its decisions on forsco, spending bills and new proposals. As a com- mon denominator of personnel, materiel, and services, dollars are used as the principal control vehicle in the administration of Army activities. At a minimum, the initial report should include: DOD has continually stressed the use of commercial-type practices in the management of its resources to obtain maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of operations.


General There are two basic concepts underlying Army finan- cial management: Systematic year-round decisionmaking on new programs and changes. In addition, the legislation provides de- tailed procedures and deadlines for a congressional budget process tied to a fiscal ret beginning on 1 October and ending on 30 September.

GAO was created as an independent agency of the legislative branch. Three main levels of fofscom of the Army Logistics System may be considered. Recently, engineer battalion Administrative and Logistics Command Posts ALOCs have not used tracking methods that maintain detailed and accurate accountability of casualties on the battlefield.

FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE) : Ammunition basic load. :: Obsolete Military Manuals

Planning, Programing, and Budgeting as a Closed Loop a. These follow-up reports provide verification of initial reports and the information necessary to generate awards, letters, and action summary reports as necessary.

Satisfaction or a need through use of existing resources is not included in this definition of deg acquisition pro- cess. Commanders must have accurate and timely logistics information in order to provide effective logistics support.

DA, through appropriate authorization docu- ments, provides each unit an organic capability in personnel and equipment to accomplish assigned mis- sions. The planning, programingand budgeting cycle. Through the use of a consumer-type budget, maximum cost consciousness is promoted. These commands are established, designated, and the force structure determined by the President, through the Secre- tary of Defense with the advice and assistance of JCS.

In oversea areas, facility requirements may have their origin in direct master planning, in approved logistics studies developed at HQDA, or in civil en- gineering support base development plans prepared by commanders of unified or specified commands. The component commander is responsi- ble for the administration, discipline, training, logistics functions, and tactical employment of component forces.

This information allows the ALOC to assess combat losses, not only in terms of individual personnel, but also in terms of personnel as they relate to combat systems. The Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force are major elements of the national security structure and the national military structure. Taken together, these lead to the broad force requirements needed to accomplish assigned missions during specified time frames. Inventory Management — Chapter At the same time, the department is most interested in having an accountmg system which reflects the cost of performance of its programs and activities.


The identity and description of the readiness sta- tus of each designated unit of all services is reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff JSC. No change will be made in the combat units assigned to unified and specified commands, except with the approval of the Secretary of Defense. It coexists with the Nation’s economic system and the tactical concept of the combat commander.

The distribution process in- volves all logistical aspects to move, receive, store, handle, and issue materiel in the Army supply system. The commander should instill in all members of the command an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of logistics discipline. Engineer units, which usually rely on supported unit assets to evacuate casualties, often send formal feeder reports only through those supported unit channels, bypassing engineer channels altogether.

Fm references sources – enlistment.

FORSCOM Regulation 700-3 1986 (OBSOLETE) : Ammunition basic load.

These are related to those major problems of a command such as control, strategy and tactics, communications, and intelligence. As a result, stock and industrial funds exist in each of the military services. The responsibility for management and control of the wholesale stock fund is dele- gated to the Commander, AMC. Through their retained administrative responsibil- ities, or through the Interservice Support Program, the military departments maintain an active inter- est in almost every activity of United States Armed Forces worldwide.

DOD is one of the principal agencies of the executive branch which assists the President in matters regarding the Nation’s security. The Secretary of Defense establishes general policies for the three military departments with respect to logis- tics activities. FM Field Manual No. They shape the long-range development of the three services and provide guidance for capabilities to be attained; however, supplemental refinement and up- dating are continuous requirements.

Units too often arrive at NTC with the wrong PMCS manual and no change updates, and then claim they are unable to get the manual or did not know there was a change published.

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