Buy Warmachine Forces of Menoth (SC): Game Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. What’s Included? (1) Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth rulebook Specs: Publisher: Privateer Press Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover Faction: Protectorate of. The Protectorate of Menoth is one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms and one of the main factions in Warmachine. They are the obligatory.

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They are the obligatory religious fanatics and holy warriors faction, combining the Dungeon Punk genre, elements of Catholicism, Islamic extremism and a backstory taken piecemeal from the history of the Middle-East.

Feora, Protector and Priestess of the Flame is technically subordinate to Kreoss but retain considerable autonomy in the south.

The Church didn’t really start to fall until the Force invaded. The other clause of the treaty was that they weren’t allowed to have any warjacks or a standing army. I’m going to save these Cygnarans and Khadorans anyway, because at least they’re not robozombies.

However, they can quickly become really, really good when aided by a Choir of Menoth, which make warjacks either bulletproof or murderific. Malekus, similarly to Feora, is all about burninating the heretics to crisps. Overall he’s not bad but a bit inflexible in what he does.

Menoth then left mankind to continue his eternal battle.

Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

They also have forfes to the most weapon master attacks of ,enoth faction. In order to fight Cryx’s mainland base the Protectorate launched an attack on Llael and stole it from Khador well half. The Protectorate of Menoth is a nation forged in turmoil and utterly dedicated to the will of an ancient and unforgiving god: This is only partially true.

The Protectorate of Menoth is one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms and one of the main factions in Warmachine. There’s all kinds of laws that must be followed fores the letter to get into the City of Man in Urcaen Urcaen being where souls go when they die, and the City of Man being a pretty good place in a dimension that’s otherwise pretty awful. Because of this, ogruns, trollkin and gobbers were killed on sight for much of the Chruch’s early history.


Force the table he focuses largely on protecting infantry with defensive spells and on speeding up his army. This box contains everything one player needs to charge into battle. But since it was Menite holy land, they didn’t really mind. Church is also the political leader of the Prteoctorate, although most of the day-to-day operation of the nation is done by the Synod of Visgoths read: Ads by Project Wonderful! Needs Images Privateer Press Warmachine.

Thanks to Menoth’s sort-of ban on magic, their warjacks are shit; they have the slow speed and inaccuracy of Khadoran ‘jacks and the fragility of Cygnaran ‘jacks in one mediocre package. The soldiers of the Protectorate consists of a couple of primary groups.

Protectorate of Menoth

News Warmachine Rules Hordes Rules. The Orgoth killed priests and burned temples, yet Menoth did nothing This could be because he was too busy fighting the Devourer Wurm, which would’ve been more difficult as his strength wadned when those who believed in him died or wavered in their faith. Experienced lay soldiers can be promoted to positions of authority within their martial orders, but they are expected to treat priests with forcex regardless of their rank.

He originally wanted to become a Paladin, but fkrces he was too emotional he was found by an Exemplar instead and taken in for training. Menoth’s gifts gave humanity a fighting chance to stay alive and perform their purpose, to strengthen their creator. People are a bit split on him, but in general he’s not bad. And yes, Cygnar are the Mary Sue good guys of the setting.

That said their luck seems to be running out as they failed to claim Caspia, their main goal since Day 1 Arguably because this would effectively kill off Cygnar as a faction so you will not ever see this happen ever fluff wise, it could also mean that letting Cygnar fall will empower the Devourer wurm too much so on the Cusp of Victory Menoth takes the leader.


Their armies sweep across Immoren as a holy tide, darkening the skies with the soot and smoke from the holy flames of their crusade. They found rare emnoth, which they used to bribe Cygnar officials from looking the other way of their more and more obvious attempts at disregarding the treaty.

Unless they interfere with Protectorate business or are Devourer Wurm worshippers. A very effective package is to run him with two Redeemer warjacks, which he can fully fuel and let it rain high explosive ordinance. This section is outdated as of the release of Warmachine Mk3. Others are more specialized and require certain other units or Warcaster in order to be used to the fullest.

Protectorate warjacks are defined by being heavily armoured and slow, but being fairly good at hitting things fogces. Also, the church of Morrow broke its promise of honoring Menoth aside Morrow, although Morrowans point out that Menoth did nothing during the Orgoth invasion and so he isn’t a “real” deity, and that they do worship Menoth alongside Morrow.

Menites outside of the Protectorate don’t fare much better. If he feats he removes all of your focus and fury, so you’re completely defenseless when he hulks up to tear apart anything short of a Colossal.


This, combined with Thamar’s gift of arcane magic, allowed Immoren to drive out the Orgoth, resulting in the Menite church being a shadow of its former self. Take command of the zealous holy warriors of the Protectorate of Menoth with this fully loaded battlegroup box! The Protectorate arsenal seems primitive at first, using ballistas instead of cannons, and swords instead of rifles, but the tradeoff is buffs that turn many otherwise mediocre weapons to crazy levels of damage.

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