FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. Musical Overview: When teaching, rehearsing and performing the songs in FOOTLOOSE keep two things in mind: 1. Our score draws. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the Premiere Production: In , Footloose the musical opened at the Richard Rodgers.

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Im counting on it. SHAW Stop taking her side! What do you mean, Someday?

Footloose received mixed critical reception. Were gonna throw a kick-ass party thats gonna knock Bomont musicak off its tractor. Ren McCormack a teenage boy from Chicago 2. SHAW Genial, but pointed. Save me a cookie, Ethel. Ive seen him give people hope when hope musocal gone. Mama says I can have one beer or one cigarette, but if I have both I should never come home again. We are deeply grateful to all of them. Could you excuse me a minute? Theres all these knights on horseback jousting and storming the castle.

Right now, just dont say anything!

We had a date a half an hour ago. Whats that your mama says?


After the crowd leaves, Vi and Shaw are left alone, where Shaw tells Vi how much he loves her and how he has made many mistakes in the past “Can You Find it in Your Heart? REN Not at all, maam. Its the shoemakers children who always go barefoot. Before you make a fist, make sure its your fight. You know theres a law! SHAW Its a rare talent.

Im suspending you from the wrestling team.

Dont we lift our voices to tell the world who we are? As a matter of fact, you can all give me fifty. I bet youve got lots to say to him.

Broadway’s Footloose musical

The music continues under. REN You guys have no place to blow off any steam. McCormack, your sister has certainly been excited about your moving in with them. BOY 3 Whats the name of it? Rusty is rationalizing her attraction to Willard by confiding to the Cowgirls.

BOY 1 Oh, yeah? KIDS are in the middle of gym class.

He exits, leaving VI gazing off after him. Let me make this as clear as I can: Did I say something wrong?

Footloose (musical)

The score is the best kind of blast from the past! And what we believe? Willard tries to stop him from dancing in the middle of the school, but Ren ignores him and puts on a show in front of the school principal, who angrily explains that dancing is illegal in the town of Bomont. You just gotta re-think your approach.


BOTH smile; the ice has been broken, but neither knows what to say next.

Libretto – Musical

Similar Items Related Subjects: Put your tongues back in your mouths, and lets get outta here. Its hard for Ethel to be living in her sisters home and abiding by her brother-in-laws rules, but she never succumbs to the pathos of her situation; after all, she has to be strong for Ren. So Im not fired? Ren and Ariel Scene 5: Your friends suggested I might find you here.

Footloose (musical)

Even in Chicago some people dont do it on the first date. And musicap though people say they understand, they dont really. REN Raucous party plans do you believe these people? That stops SHAW in his tracks.

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