Glossary of terms for thoracic radiology: recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the Fleischner Society. WJ Tuddenham. Share Audio Available |. Glossary of Terms for Thoracic Radiology: Recommendations of the Nomenclature. Committee of the. Fleischner Society1. The Fleischner. Society was founded. Learning objectives. Review the current thoracic imaging terminology. Classify the Fleischner Society’s glossary to simplify its use. Read more.

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Only shared with authors of paper. To reach this objective, we have ordered the glossary of terms for thoracic imaging with each One secondary pulmonary lobule contains between three and 25 acini Fig.

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay on top of the latest in scientific research. Unusual manifestations of haematologic malignances: Members of the Fleischner Society compiled a glossary of terms for thoracic imaging that replaces previous glossaries published in and for thoracic radiography socuety computed tomography CTrespectively. Glossary of terms for CT of the lungs: Jacques Remy Hospital Calmette.


Learning objectives

oc Please type a message to the paper’s authors to explain your need for the paper. Characterization of a chitinase from the cellulolytic actinomycete Thermobifida fusca. Glossary of terms in thoracic imaging and clinical-radiological correlation. We can help you send a request to the authors directly.

Principles, Applications and Imaging Findings A. Conclusion In thoracic imaging it is essential an unified, accurate and easily accessible terminology.

Fleischner Society: glossary of terms for thoracic imaging.

Radiographs and CT scans: Background As the study of thoracic imaging includes several pathologies highly prevalent in the clinical practice, every radiologist should know about thoracic radiology.

Request Full-text from Authors. Reumacia October 27, It is the largest unit in which all airways participate in gas exchange and is approximately 6—10 mm in diameter.

It is necessary to update this nomenclature as new terms appear, changes the meaning of previous terms or fleischnner into disuse. Diagram and Lateral chest radiograph show major fissures References: Maherghazawi May 1, Moreno Pastor 1A.

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Diagram and Lateral skciety radiograph show major fissures. On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click. Pulmonary nodules, masses and infiltrates with specific semiology: Therefore it is imperative to have an unified, accurate and easily accessible nomenclature for the radiologist.

Fleischner Society: glossary of terms for thoracic imaging. | PubFacts

Magnified chest radiograph shows aortopulmonary window. Magnified chest radiograph shows azygos fissure. Allergy and Immunology Request Full Text Paper.

Imaging findings OR Procedure details 1. Please enter fleischndr personalized message to the authors. This website uses cookies. Reumaven October 27,1: Epub Jan The need to update the previous versions came from the recognition that new words have emerged, others have become obsolete, and the meaning of some terms has changed.

Fleischner Society July 3,6:

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