You are thinking about owning this one of a kind Priceless Uber-Rare White Fender George Fullerton. This Hand Made Fender custom Shop collectible. ’49 Snakehead Esquire Prototype 1 Tribute light relic I did not build this one. I was planning my own Snakehead project ever since I saw the Fender Custom. Took me a little searching to find a Snakehead neck, but Warmoth stocks Nocaster to Telecaster is the most pleasing of the Fender range- but.

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Now, we want things perfect.

ToneteleMar 3, I don’t like the pickguard. BadabingMay 24, Only problem is they don’t have a pine one don’t know why I’d want pine, but at least a maple capped neck would be cool.

After Gretsch informs Fender about their trademark the Broadcaster name is snakejead longer used by Fender.

Mar 2, 2. Of course it would not be a Fender or a fendder Fender neck, so The bolt-on neck was innovative and very controversial. Closest they have to the look is roasted maple. There aren’t only Snakeheads out there without truss rods May 23, 4. Leo didn’t start using truss rods until he heard feedback of gigging musicians having buzzy truss-less necks when traveling.


May 23, 6. I absolutely love the primitive feel of the snakehead esq’s.

Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing??

Pretty amazing that anything has been in production this long with so few changes. The next step would be analyze your household, or the ambient environment where the guitar will reside.

MusekatcherMar 3, Few things that are different from the Fender Custom Shop version are the bridge and the jack. The solid body Fender Esquire only lasted from April to October May 23, 3.

Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing?? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Shortly into production, Leo added the truss rod to the necks with an adjustment at the heal due to pressure from his sales team led by Don Randall and renamed the guitar the Broadcaster. Apparently, Leo Fender decided it would be too time consuming to make and went with the solid body instead. I don’t like one pickup guitars. Recently picked up this body, and at the time didn’t know what a snakehead was.


Is that a problem for a guitar that I would play often? Which of these two environments the guitar will be kept in determines how long it will last. If it was fine without a truss rod, Leo wouldn’t have spent the money to put one in. What kind of finish are you planning? Jun 27, SouthpoleMar 3, Since Leo Fender was not a guitar player he was not locked into any design.

Even went so far as to find a Ohio truck license plate lots of patina to use as a pickguard. At least that’s what I heard. Not much love for them at all.

Fender built lap steel guitars in the late s to cater to the Hawaiian music craze.

Custom Built Snakehead Guitar | ChasingGuitars

What do you guys think??? Probably only 50 were made. I’m looking at the Fender reissue Snakeheads but I just noticed that they have no truss rod???

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