The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology used in World War II during actual shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel. and FEMA EMWE We’rk Unit D. APPROVED FOR .. The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. Below is an example.

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Books with such information are listed in the Reference Section see, for example, ReedVol. This region serves the same function as the fuel hopper in the Imbert design. Let me emphasize again that Plaans believe the base FEMA design can be improved considerably to allow acceptable results in stationary applications.

In the matchstick example above, as the wood was burned and pyrolyzed into charcoal, wood gas was created, but the gas was also consumed by combustion since there was an enormous supply of air wokd the room. In fact, the use of wood gas as a fuel is not even restricted to gasoline engines; if a small amount of diesel fuel is used for ignition, a properly adjusted diesel engine can be operated primarily on wood gas introduced through the intake manifold.

Being an open top air fed design, the fire from the reaction zone can climb straight up through the fuel and waste it and it can cause the gasifier to run very hot and inefficent.

Imbert gasifier vs FEMA gasifier

In fact, many people can recall a widespread use of wood gas generators during World War II, when petroleum products were not available for the civilian populations in many countries. Smoke and gas vented into the atmosphere while new wood was being loaded; the operator bad to be careful not to breathe the unpleasant smoke and toxic fumes. The open top design ensures uniform access of air to the pyrolysis region.


A prototype gasifier unit was fabricated from these instructions.

With good charcoal one can gasifiier a clean fuel gas with a steel can and a couple of tubing connections see Gary Gilmore’s work. Basifier these twin tasks lie its advantages and its difficulties.

This includes Wayne Keith whose work I consider to be extraordinary. The gasifier as a whole will run hotter and this means that you have to use materials in the reaction zone that can handle or withstand the hotter core temperatures.

Library / FEMA Gasifier | Drive On Wood!

Thousands of gas works all over the world were eventually dismantled. The solid, biomass fuels suitable for gasification cover a wide range, from wood gasidier paper to peat, lignite, and coal, including coke derived from coal. As the wood gas burns, the products of combustion are carbon dioxide CO2 and water vapor H2O.

Personally, I find the videos rather interesting and chose not to marginalize the author’s efforts. However, petroleum shortages during World War II led to widespread gas generator applications in the transportation industries of Western Europe. Due to it’s lower temperature range it is a heavy tar producer. Ffma use of wood to provide heat is as old as mankind; but by burning the wood we only utilize about one-third of its energy.

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I am not aware of an account where a genuine FEMA design has been used to operate woo engine over an extended period without problems when I write “extended”, I mean at least hours of engine operation and preferably However, it’s probably best to take the next step and go with what is known as the “Imbert” design.

Solar Dehydrator Plans – Combo Package download.

The goal of any such mod should be to increase temperatures in the hearth reduction zone in order to improve tar cracking. A more robust gas producer. I have to disagree with you on one point and that is this model is a proven design. Thanks for the added plabs. It should be acknowledged that there are alternate technologies such as methane production or use of alcohol fuels for keeping internal combustion engines in operation during a prolonged petroleum crisis; the wood gasifier unit described in this report represents only one solution to the problem.


I mentioned in a previous post some modifications that might be done.

It can be built with a minimum of tools. A simpler filtering system. She said she got a brazillian. Most of the volatile components of the fuel are burned in this zone and provide heat for continued pyrolysis reactions.

New Aquaponics Series from Jack Spirko. Beforegas generator units were a familiar, but not extensively utilized, technology. The fuel is not quite as robust because the tar is a wasted ;lans fuel.

FEMA Gasifier

For prolonged idling, a hand-operated shaker has been included in the design. The use of wood gas generators need not be limited to transportation applications. Wayne Keith worked pretty well with a modified FEMA design not that I can attest to any working experience as my knowledge is through literature. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. I consider the primary purpose of this forum as a resource for education, and I’m trying to encourage the reader to take the claim seriously.

If one removes most of the volatiles from wood essentially making charcoal in the processthen gasifier design is not so critical. More to the point and my intention, I think it is polite to give credit to the person in the video who constructed a polished prototype and in my opinion presented fsma design very clearly. In diesel engines, the fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber as fine droplets which burn as they vaporize.

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