Feats are cards that have abilities such as movement, regeneration, etc. They cost “points” to use them in the game. The amount of “points” they cost is in the. This upcoming event they said no resources (probably an oversight) so that opens the door for me to use some Feats. What are you favorite. I’m playing in a tournament next week with feats and Battlefield conditions. What are some characters to pair up with feats and Battlefield.

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700 point ANY Marvel and DC Heroclix, No resources, BFC’s or Feats

Also, I can’t remember how feats worked, is the prerequisite just indicate what figure can be assigned the feat or does a standard power in the prerequisite have to be showing on the dial in order for the feat to be used?

Your email address will not be published. The Gauntlet is a Resource, not a Special Object. The time now is Feb Join Date: The best place for constructive discussion, sharing your creations and trying to learn the game better. Best with Free actions. Where does one go about getting the feat cards nowadays? The incapacitate is triggering 2 effects from 2 different source, each allowing graviton to deal his normal damage.

Damn right, we play with little plastic superheroes.

HeroClix World – Custom Feats – Spider Smite

Also, always check with the Judge beforehand to make sure you know how they’re handling Feats. Point for point, for a long time this was possibly the best 20 or more points one could spend in HC. Jan Join Date: As far as someone countering a prerequisite goes, the last rules we had on feats say that countered powers do not meet the standard as a prerequisite. If you are having problems registering to an account, feel free to Contact Us. Having trouble finding a venue?


All current rules including Powers and Abilities card can be found here.

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I think, this was told to me by someone else and it made sense to me at the time but I am verifying. Damn right, we play with little plastic superheroes. Surfer13 Member Offline Online Status: Heroclix subscribe unsubscribe 3, readers 23 users here now Getting started?

Game mechanics built in vacuums that would never be made feaats the same era that lead to such abusive combos that people don’t show up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Originally Posted herocljx burleigh2.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Automatic Regeneration 12pts – Free action Regeneration at start of turn.


What’s a good herclix it should stack? You knew you were either a very short or very long, uphill game Also, again if memory serves, all of the feats and BFCs were retired before the first resource appeared so it was never an issue in Wizkids’ eyes, anyway. Find More Posts by Surfer Feats and Battlefield conditions help self. Are they all just pnp or are they still in production? I used to love feats, but they can break the game in the wrong hands.

  EO 13388 PDF

Heroclix subscribe unsubscribe 3, readers 23 users here now Getting started? It requires getting hit to work. Trade off is that character takes unavoidable damage, use it wisely.

Newest Article – Beta Ray Bill. Visit Lantern Jordan ‘s homepage! The format is points golden age.

It also had a thing that allowed it to be used with the actual Oracle figure, so one of the feat users could take an action to chose a power on Oracle’s dial and use it as if they had it. Any judge that allows that shouldn’t be a judge outside of some special scenario.

Heroclix submitted 2 years ago by clixland. That’s the kind of crap I would never think of, but I can see that being super effective and hard to beat short of a strong Superman over points. I usually just Print and Play.

It requires the hit being close combat to work. No thanks at ALL. WizKids used to just throw away money on these stinkers that no one wanted to even pull, let alone play, like the 5 worst feat:.

What are your favorite Feats? Find More Posts by burleigh2.

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