Close Quarters Combat System (i.e. Defendu) is a modern martial art developed by William E. This confused early readers of the book, who assumed that the techniques within had been based mainly in the This introduction of ‘The Fairbairn Fighting System’ at Camp X in conjunction with input from many highly skilled. : Basic Manual Of Knife Fighting (): William L. China, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn, then. He is best known as the co-inventor of the famous Sykes-Fairbairn knife. . “Get Tough” manual on martial arts style hand-to-hand fighting that he taught to.

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Attack the forearm and the fairvairn simultaneously. Accordingly, his son requested that I edit, revise, and rewrite janual manuscript for publication. Are they out of copyright? Assuming you are fighting with a knife against a knife, it figbting wise to never lower the arms below the navel or raise them above the shoulders.

Father of Hand-to-Hand Combat W. Knife Arts ‘ started by jckailatstudentMay 18, Fairbairn’s knife fighting methods? Combing all this knowledge, plus practical experience gained during over 2, Riot Calls in SHanghia, he is now publishing his latest book on Knife Fighting.

There are other positions in which the knife can be carried but it is essential that the position selected brings the hilt of the knife within easy reach of the drawing hand.

In fact, the situations are astronomical in number. Fly leaf The Author has been an ardent student of Self Defense in all of its branches for a great number of years.

The manner in which edged weapons are initially grasped by the wielder governs the manner in which they are carried and withdrawn, and influences both weapon design and the dynamics of initial maneuver.

The Student should be briefed as follows: Yet it is an established fact that once contact is made and the firing starts, it is only a matter of seconds before the one hand gun is empty, after which, i t wou l d not make a respectab l e c l ub. A lifetime of knifefighting underworld enforcers will give a man a special perspective on life, and by Fairbairn was assigned the task of training the Shanghai Municipal Police in hand-to-hand combat, knife-fighting, and combat handgunning.


The fact remains, that no one re-loaded. Strike the bridge of your attacker’s nose with your head. Retrieved from ” https: It mnaual designed to be simple to learn and to provide effective results. Holding the knife in the right hand, arm shoulder high, forearm bent, back of the hand up, knife over the left shoulder. Someone on MT suggested this: Fairbaign and crude attackers manipulate knives according to an individual rhythm, usually of a very rapid nature.

Students are also taught to always take initiative, employ artifice, and remains at offense as no block or parry were found on the system. Walking the streets armed only with a combat knife and a Colt trying to smash organized crime anywhere he could find it, Fairbairn was routinely jumped by gangs of men that far fighfing him, and just as routinely reduced his assailants to crippled heaps manula failure handcuffed together in the back of his paddy wagon.

Note – Where possible select a slope with second-growth trees. Members of the Force, cighting questioned as to why they had not immediately re-loaded, could not offer any reason for failing to do so. Fairbairn demonstrates how to transition from a simple handshake to a perfectly-executed rectum-shank. Thus, in an attempt to highlight the originality of Fairbairn’s material, the term did not appear in the edition of the book.

On the command GO, make a right slash, the full length of the arm, simultaneously jump and twist the body as far around as possible, aiming to strike your opponent’s face. The claim that the psychological value of the bayonet in building up the moral of the Troops is such that its retention is more than justified, does not make tairbairn.

The guy’s shit was so hardcore that there was allegedly a six-week “Silent Killing” course that, in addition to other things, included a section on how to kill a sentry with an ordinary stick. This is the time when a well balanced fighting knife, in the hands of a man trained to use it scientifically, becomes the most deadly weapon it is possible to have.

Note – Fear will most likely give you that additional speed to out-distance your opponent.

ww2 Fairbairn knife fighting

Do not close with your attacker. Pay attention to timing. Fairbairn and others expanded on maanual system to create the Close Quarters Combat system that was then taught to the troops.


The book that William Cassidy wrote used to accompany the randall knives when they were sold to military personnel if my memory serves me right.

Paratroopers frequently need a knife to cut themselves free and there are numerous fairbajrn occasions when a good knife would be invaluable. At that time my weight was lbs. The start of the Second World War saw the Allied forces needing every advantage to give their soldiers and special forces a winning edge.

Full text of “The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting”

In fact, such a thing as a fighting knife could knfie be purchased anywhere in Great Britain. Having decided to attack – spring forward, simultaneously drawing your knife and make a LEFT slash at your opponent’s face. Arm shoulder high – reverse the hand – back of the hand down.

The year old Fairbairn was called out of service inwhen he resigned his post with the Shanghai P. In open country Warning – For obvious reasons, only one student should be exercised at a time. Contact the copyright holder for further information. You may be running; going up or down a slope or stairway; up to your ankles in a mud patch, or up to your waist in water. This assumes an average speed of 32 feet per second and a total distance of 62 inches.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. That decided me to cut the un- armed combat Judo and pass on to the Knife Fighting.

This is a precautionary measure and should be strictly adhered to, until such time as the students have shown that they can retain their grip upon their knives. For the small little folder I tend to carry, these techniques might not work as well! Do try to find an expedient weapon, such as a belt or a stick. Fairbairn spend his days drilling with the Royal Marines no small feat of badassitude in itselfhis nights studying martial arts with the toughest badasses Japan and Korea had to offer, and then went out on the weekends and engaged in organized-yet-overly-aggressive bayonet fighting drills with Japanese Army regulars.

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