The Fridrich method or the CFOP method (cross, F2L, OLL, PLL) is a fast method for solving the Rubik’s Cube created by Jessica Fridrich. It consists of four. PLL (Permutation if Last Layer): Correctly permuting the last layer corner & edge .. the F2L, know the Full PLL and 2 look OLL, and finally go for the full OLL too. So I’m really new to all these terms. Can someone explain to me what the acronyms PLL / OLL / and F2l mean? (And any others that exist).

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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. It is recommended that you should start ppll using the beginner method first, then use the Fridrich method once you have become proficient at that.

Have a go on your cube, and see if you can work out how to solve any of the pairs. Views Read Edit View history. All of that being said, I can give you some situations to hopefully make the process easier. However, there is lol a list on the algorithms pagewhere you can see each F2L case and how to solve it.

Make sure that the colours of the other stickers on the edges are in this order: Plll want a taste of the high-flying, rock and roll lifestyle of the speedcuber. The next step is to solve the rest of the first two layers which is what F2L stands for at the same time, to get this:. This is for the same reason as r2l cross in step 1 – you need to be able to look at the cube and produce an efficient way of solving each F2L pair.

If you are thinking “how the dickens is anyone supposed to do this in 4. Remember when I said ‘wasting time is bad’?


This will be awkward the first few times you attempt it, but it is certainly worth practising. Instead, the pieces that do get affected are ones you don’t care about, as they were occupying the space that you want to put the red-blue pair into. If you clicked the link to the algorithm page before, you’ll have seen that the list is indeed quite long.

Speedcubing Guide

This database is part of the speedsolving. So the first algorithm orients all the last layer fl2 makes them all face the right way, i. Imagine that you have started with the white cross, your last layer will be yellow. Floppy Cube 1x3x3 Rubik’s Domino 2x3x3.

Basic layer-by-layer methods were among the first to arise during the early s cube craze. Archived from the original on 26 September Again, these algorithm are arranged in what I think is a sensible order but you are free to learn them however you please. If you only have one, then which algorithm you use depends on the direction that the other edges need to lll cycled.

Although it requires you to memorise many up to 78 different algorithms, it’s one of the fastest speedcubing methods. Erno Rubik designed these three-dimensional mechanical puzzles to be precariously difficult, unless you know a little about mathematical algorithms, then it’s just a matter of time and determination. The major innovation of CFOP over beginner methods is its use of F2L, which solves the first two layers simultaneously.

Start using the algorithms page to learn plo of the PLL algorithms. I now have a 4x4x4 getting decent at it a lol ok at it and the 5x5x5 not yet scrambled. A trigger is simply a sequence of moves that is easy to perform very quickly, and the Sexy Move trigger comes up a lot. Her main contribution to the method was developing the OLL and PLL algorithms, which together allowed any last layer position to be solved with two algorithms and was significantly faster than previous last layer systems.


I have found that the next step F2L is a huge help for people to understand how to move cubies to where they want them, a skill that they can later use when returning to the cross.

SoluciĆ³n Rubik: PLL OLL F2L | DRAWING | Pinterest | Cube, Cube pattern and PLL

If you do UF’U2, you can turn this case into case 2 above. The cross is done intuitively. Now, when you’re solving the cube using the full CFOP method, the whole last layer is supposed to be solved in two steps:.

Got a 3x3x3 just before Christmas, learned how to solve it and am addicted. While this is also an excellent life tip, some situations are just better handled on a specific side of the cube. Now insert the pair into its slot.

AvGalen Premium Member Feb 8, Therefore, rotate the cube as little as opl. This differs from case 2 only by the orientation of the edge blue is up, not orange. If you perform each algorithm as quickly as humanly possible, you don’t leave yourself much time to analyse the cube and isolate the next corner-edge pair you want to solve.

What’s PLL / OLL / F2l ?

Even though you can already solve this case using the beginner way, I would take the time to practise and learn this algorithm now. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But what is life without a bit of a challenge every now and then.

Thread starter cwdana F2p date Feb 8, Using this algorithm is much faster, as it makes a cross in one go.

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