Exercitia spiritualia by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Aloysio R.P Bellecio; editions ; First published in ; Subjects: Spiritual exercises, Meditations, Spiritual. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, Saint (). Exercitia Spiritualia. Rome: Antonio Blado, 11 September 8° ( x mm). A-O8 P4 (lacking terminal blank. Subject. Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, (2). Exercitia spiritualia (2). Devotional literature. (2). Jesuits (1). Religious aspects (1). more Subscribe to results.

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Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola – Wikipedia

This gives the tearing apart of the human soul an extraordinarily new and important interpretation. Find a Physical Copy via WorldCat. As a poet, Carl Spitteler, once expressed it: Retrieved 5 February We all know how difficult it is to control our emotions; we cannot in fact win complete control without injuring ourselves. For thou hast become God. For from this thou art. Already in the second century B.

And six copies in Europe: Ignatius Loyola in English – 2d ed. Puhl translated directly from studies based on the original manuscripts.

Exercitia spiritualia S. Ignatii de Loyola : versio litteralis ex autographo hispanico

Within Thy wounds, hide me: Body of Christ, save eexercitia. After the Society of Jesus was formed, the Exercises became the central component of its training program. We also find indications in India of western influences, but it is impossible to date them accurately.


Monoimus was an Arab and it is possible that at that time, about the ezercitia of the first century A. Care not therefore for the many, and them that are outside the mystery despise: Price realised GBPAnd whereas it is wisdom fitly comp acted together, there are on the right and on the left of it, powers, principalities, dominations and daemons, operations, threatwrath, devils or slanderingsSatan, and the Lower Root, from which the nature of the things that come into being proceeded.

Ignatius Of Loyola in English. After the first week Ignatius recommends a form of contemplation which he calls “application of the senses. This conception leads us directly to the East. The Pope approved his Spiritual Exercises inthe year of this first edition.

Ignatius observes that God “deals directly” with the well-disposed person and the director should not give advice to the retreatant that might interfere with God’s workings.

Publish date unknownApud Zannettum Esercitii spirituali. Christ appears as a totality in this meditation, not only as man but also as God, inasmuch as the Church formula is: This is undertaken as a support to the already existing conviction of the absolute existence of Christ.


The Pope approved his “Spiritual Exercises” inthe year of this first edition. Last edited by Lisa. Ignatius in English – New ed.

Carl Jung: “Today I will briefly recapitulate the exercitia spiritualia.”

And having thus spoken, He shewed me a cross of light set up, and about the cross a great multitude: The spiritual exercises of St. The monks introduced him to the spiritual exercises of Garcia de Cisneros, which were based in large part on the teachings of the Brothers of the Common Spieitualiathe promoters of the ” devotio moderna “.

Now these things it is called as toward men: Ignacio de Loyola in Spanish. Ignace de Loyola in French – 5th ed. Publish date unknownNella stamperia di Gio. Also, some break the 30 days into two or spirigualia sections over a two-year period.

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