The question was why wars continue long after rational calculation suggests they should end, and Iklé used a wide range of examples to explain why. Every War Must End by Fred Charles Ikle. New York, Columbia. University Press, -viii, x6o ppi, $ One of the most encouraging features of the present. Ikle examined the painful and often unsatisfactory process by which Since Every War Must End, it behooves the Administration and its.

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For more background, check out http: Bush administration in Afghanistan and in a second go-round with Saddam Hussein. The illusions of infallibility tend to detract from these Principles. However, as recent events in Iraq have once again demonstrated, it is much easier to start a war than it is to end it.

Mistakes in planning or execution may cause unintended consequences far worse than otherwise. Podcast Books Authors Articles. Rum Morgan rated it really liked it Dec 26, Charlie N rated it really liked it Oct 18, Billy rated it really liked it May 31, What these cases have in common is the need to avoid the fallacy of the last move, and to think instead about how US military action, once undertaken, would likely play out over time. Every War Must Wrwhich Colin Powell credits in his autobiography with having shaped his thinking on how to end the mudt Gulf Okle “Mission accomplished,” George Bush famously proclaimed in reference to the defeat of Saddam Hussein’s military organization.

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None of the decisions relating to Iran, Syria, and North Korea are slam dunks. The enemy is generally distinguishable as are the fronts, objectives, etc except for a few heterodox elements.


This book explores the difficult and often painful process through which wars in the modern age have been brought to a close and what this process means for the future.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The outcome in Afghanistan is yet to be determined, but may well look depressingly familiar. Pete rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Caution is a tactic, not a strategy. And then there is the occasional evil tyrant who seems too heinous to ignore.


Without much defense, I offer that the best way to win is to not play at all. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Consider the first law: Caution can either help avoid dangerous, precipitous, and costly moves, or it can make a bad situation worse.

Modern examples like Iraq and Afghanistan, wherein a power vacuum was created allowing many unique low-level conflicts to happen simultaneous, creating a space wherein distinguishing cause and effect of specific and potential engagements is a daunting challenge.

The image of a small helicopter air-lifting ever few fortunate exit-seekers from a long line atop a building in Saigon is etched on my brain.

Every War Must End by Fred Charles Iklé

And there’s the deplorable fact that a leader’s ed of reality seems to shrink when faced with the choice between abject surrender and destruction — just look at what happened to Hitler in the last days. Bush administration in the first Gulf war, and then forgotten by the George W. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Open Preview See a Problem? Nicholas rated it really liked it Mar 30, John rated it really liked it Jul 28, No trivia or quizzes yet. They could endure a kill ration Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


And a “”unitary view of the nation’s interest”” is difficult to arrive at because every country has its hawks and doves and generals and civilians do disagree, note the case of Truman and MacArthur. Today, even more than in Vietnam, information predominates.

It will not induce a determined adversary to withdraw or to cease his aggression…. President Barack Obama wisely re-framed this contest as the disruption and defeat of the core ecery leadership — achievable war aims.

Combat air patrols to protect civilians from regimes that engage in mass murder can help turn the tide, but not affect the character of governance once the regime falls. Jonathan Rue rated it really liked it Jun 13, Use soft power and honest diplomacy in nation building as to only provide low impact perturbations to systems in equilibrium to achieve specific strategic, foreign policy goals.

Consider the sorry mess that was World War I. The most successful strategies to date in dealing with the consequences of proliferation have been deterrence and containment, not efforts to achieve regime change.

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Olivia rated it liked it Sep 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We’ll written with excellent examples. Colton Long rated it it was ok Apr 15, To ask other readers questions about Every War Must Endplease sign up.

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