Trick Photography And Special Effects – Kindle edition by Evan Sharboneau. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook. by Evan Sharboneau. Attila Kun. ” Learn How To Become Unique, Creative, And Artistic By Taking Shocking. clicking on one of the links in the e-book, I (Evan Sharboneau) may receive a and thank you for purchasing my Trick Photography and Special Effects ebook!.

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Bob Feigl rated it it was amazing Jul 24, My photography newsletter is packed with tips and tricks each and every week. I really appreciated being able to see Evan show me how he creates his trick photos.

Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook :: Digital Photo Secrets

These tips will help you master your camera and take simply stunning photos. Does one need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and computer support? The answer is not actually at the bottom of the page or anywhere in the middle either. Structures that defy the laws of nature, or the ‘invisible man’, where you only see his clothes?

Trick Photography Book Review

Evan Sharboneau might not be trained, but he uses a lot of terminology that sounds very professional and legitimate. Open Preview See a Problem? That is only his weekend device; there is one for weekdays and another for under-water images photographg.

These are essential settings that every photographer must know how to use before starting.

An in-depth tutorial on how you can use steel wool to capture amazing long exposures of sparks flying at high-speeds is also included. Julie Barlow rated it it was amazing Mar 13, They talk about making money from photography, using an external flash, filters, and more.

So his website continues to tell you, on anr on. Have you ever wanted to take photos of things that aren’t really there? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It’s only the more advanced stuff that requires special lenses. Alok rated it liked it Jun 02, Ibrahim Alsamnan rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Waterfalls are a classic example, but this also applies to skies and trees moving in the wind.


He’s got a fantastic introduction video that even shows how he does some of his tricks no purchase required. Another worry is that the person behind a site nad this is usually selling something which either sounds too good to be true or which, if people bought it, would do him more harm than good.

Secondly, if he yrick this page, eva is a master of hype, sales, and self-promotion. Faisal Kamal rated it liked it Nov 03, It is not a comprehensive guide on the basics for beginners, but he covers just enough for beginners to be able to effectively use the concepts in the other sections.

Most of the eBook is dedicated to the cool tricks and effects that people would want it for. This is the only trick in this module that requires Photoshop. This e book will take up less space than a set of camera lenses. Surely I would have seen this in the menu already. It is not so much the format as the fact that you are constantly promised, from early on, that the answer to a secret will be revealed.

Sharboneau did not have money but was in possession of much determination. Fellow Photographers, Have you ever seen an amazing photo but could never figure out how it was taken? All you need is a DSLR camera. Jerome rated it it was amazing May 11, Actually, the G12 should be fine for most shots, as the main requirement is a bulb mode and being able to change the aperture.

This module covers everything you need to know on capturing those beautiful illuminated effets exposure photos you evna been dreaming about.


Sharboneau is not exactly a company with BBB accreditation; a firm one can seek out in order to claim satisfaction or to honor his guarantee. Additionally, Evan provides additional bonus material, most of which is better suited for newer photographers, in the form four of eBooks. The books cover the following topics:. B gr8 book, bought it from here – http: Trick Photography and Special Effects — This module goes over the mind-blowing special effects and optical illusion techniques that add drama and surreal creativity to your images.

Click here for a very handy guide that shows you exactly how to put this book into your iBooks app. Egan baru yg patut dicoba dan harus membiasakan diri dengan buku-buku berbahasa inggris. Who showed them and what did it take to make impossible pictures from real world scenes? Vivek Wadhwa rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Breath taking reading experience! Plus, drop by for a quick chat and tricm to leave 2 hours later after watching a slide show on his laptop of the last pictures he took.

Hennie Smit rated it it was amazing Dec 09, These photo fanatics have developed the art by using numerous simple tools, some even making it to the ranks of pro-photographers without associated schooling. They are the typical sales pages; one long scrolling page instead of a landing page with several subheadings leading to topics. Why would a photographer want to tell consumers how to accomplish something which will create more competition? It is quite clever and sometimes visually arresting too.

Karan Javali rated it it was amazing Dec 24, He has also written a few other books which cover other aspects of this latest effort.

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